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Hookup Culture And Risks

Hookup Culture And Risks Has Made A Permanent Mark Among The Young People As it Comes With Its Own Risks And Negative Consequences

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Even though the hookup culture has made a permanent mark among the young people, it comes with its own risks and negative consequences. Hookup can result in emotional as we well as psychological injuries. It can also bring sexual violence and sexually transmitted diseases. Not to mention, the trauma of unwanted or unintended pregnancies.

All these health and others risks have not scared off the youth from indulging in the hookup culture. Most young people easily trust their peers, especially if they belong to the same community or group. That said, the rate of pregnancies and other diseases have shot to an all-time high among the youth involved in the hookup culture. Emotional and psychological injuries have also been at a record high.

More than three quarters of all young people regret being in hookups at some point. The same number of people regretted having uncommitted sex with their hookups. Sexual intercourses that happens in the first meeting and for only one time are at the highest risk of regret. Overall, most hookups end up with regrets.

Men tend to regret to have used someone for their sexual pleasure. Women regret the experience because they feel they have been used. Overall, women feel worse after a hookup than men do. Still roughly half of all express extreme level of regret, shame, and guilt with themselves due to their hookup experience.

The main reason why women regret hookups more than men is because they have a very different attitude and values towards combining sex with relationships. Women also experience a lower frequency of orgasm with their hookups and hence an overall lower quality of sex. Men usually don’t have any problem of achieving orgasm with their hookups. Men also has the natural ability to enjoy sex regardless of the emotional relationship with their partner.

Both genders report feeling of guilt and negative feelings after a hookup. For women, the more hookup partners they have, the more likely they are to have a much lower level of overall satisfaction with their lives. In other words, having more sexual partners is directly correlated with an inferior emotional state. For men, there is a substantially lower likelihood of feeling of guilt even if they have multiple sexual partners. So, they have a greater ability to separate sex from emotions.

Most young people who report lower level of emotional satisfaction have feelings of being used, misery, frustration, guilt, regret, among others. Such people must think ahead before indulging in hookups. They need to be educated of the risks and dangers of hookups. After that, they can make a well-informed decision. It’s always better to know what one is getting into and its consequences prior to diving into it. Apart from the very young people, most adults are already aware of the consequences but they still do it. For them the gain or pleasure probably exceeds all the negative consequences. The same holds true for gambling and drugs as they both give momentary pleasure at the cost of long-term consequences.

At the same time, roughly the other half of hookups leads to a satisfactory result. Nearly half of both men and women report that they are satisfied with their hookup habits and have no complains. So the results are mixed. Regardless of the results, hookup culture continues to make waves with the youth.
Read This: Love Affair - Love Affair Is An Intense Sexual Relationship Between Two People That Is Usually Outside Of Any Kind Of Commited Relationship
Date Posted/Updated On: 09/17/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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