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Hookup Culture In Colleges

Everything About Hookup Culture In Colleges

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The hookup culture is deeply rooted in the college campuses across the country. The size of the town or other demographics of where the college campus is situated has no role to play. In fact, the hookup culture first started from college campuses. It later spread into other sectors of the society.

As per many studies conducted, a vast majority of college students agree that their campus is pigeonholed by the hookup culture. More than three-quarters of students admit of hooking up with other classmates. Nearly all college students have experienced at least some level of casual sex. Out of these students who have hooked up, about a third to a half report that they had sexual intercourse in their hookup.

Overall, the enrollment of women in colleges is slightly greater than that of men. Some critiques argue that because of the gender imbalance, hookup culture is becoming more prevalent in college campuses. Men, who have become the new minority on college campuses hold more authority in the sexual trade. They also have more power to influence their preference of casual sex over other formal types of relationships.

On the contrary, most college students overate the spear of hookup culture in their campuses. In reality, only a quarter of students engage in regular hookups. About half of students engages in occasional hookups. About a third of students don’t hook up at all. The average number of hookups for an entire college term is less than ten. A typical college student makes an average of two casual sex partners during the entire college term. Also, about half of all college hookups are repeats.

This brings to the topic that the college campus scene is not as bad as the reputation that it has earned. No doubt that the hookup culture started from college campuses. But, this is in no way means that every single college student engages in frequent or even occasional hookups. About a quarter of students still graduates from a full college term as a virgin.

Students how have hooked up a few times are more likely to hook up again with the same or different partners. Students who have never hooked up are much less likely to ever hookup during their entire college term. Students who have been involved in hookups that included sexual intercourse are far more likely to hookup again. Other hookups that just involved making out are not that likely to repeat.

Hookups on college campuses are driven by several factors. Some of these factors are peer pressure and getting sunk into doing what everyone else is doing or at expecting. Culture and values also plays a role. Some personal characteristics such as self-esteem also makes a huge difference. Men who have high self-esteem are more likely to hookup and have multiple partners because they need to reassure them of their confidence. Women with low self-esteem are more likely to have multiple partners in hookups because they want to feel wanted in order to gain confidence in themselves. Still, some argue that both men and women with high self-esteem are less likely to hookup just because they are happy and content with themselves. people with low self-esteem constantly need reassurance in their abilities and hence they succumb to multiple hookups.

The major reason for the spread of hookup culture on college campuses is that the environment is very apt for much more open interactions. Colleges are famous for weekend parties, dormitories and fraternity events, neighboring clubs and bars, common semester breaks, etc. The hookup phenomenon in colleges is going to grow further. Hookup culture did start from colleges and hence it is going to remain at the epitome of college campuses across the country.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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