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Hookup Wider Culture

Hookup Wider Culture First Started In College Campuses But Has Now Infiltrated In The Broader Youth Culture

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The hookup culture that first started in college campuses has now infiltrated in the broader youth culture. It has made deep and permanent marks in the youth of today’s world. Most habits are formed at a younger age. What one gets used to as a college student usually carries on beyond the college.

Most young people carries the lifestyle they get so accustomed even after they graduate. They tend to prefer having sexual activities by hooking instead of by dating or forming a romantic relationship. This lifestyle is very hard to break. What they learn and get used to as college students has long-term ramifications.

The hookup culture can extend way beyond college and may go on for years. It can very easily go into their middle age. It finally begin to dissipate as people get older and get tired of hooking up with multiple partners. A time comes when one gets stressed by leading such an artificial lifestyle with complete lack of real love and affection from the opposite sex.

The extension of hookup culture is another reason why people are getting married much later in life. Also, fewer couples are choosing to have children even after getting married. There are two reasons for this. One because older women face difficulty in conceiving and other because the couple fear their inability to raise children at an older age.

It is widely believed that the hookup culture was primarily spread by men to fulfil their sexual needs. Women were known to be the reluctant participants and were more interested in getting real love instead of just casual sex. That is how the hook up culture began but that is not how things are today. In today’s hookup culture, both men and women are equal participants.

What’s even more shocking is that the hookup culture is even penetrating into older people who are kind of going with the trend set by the youth. The hookup culture has gone way beyond the youth. The younger generation has always been known to the trend setters. Other sections of the society are simply doing what the young people are doing.

All this is spread the hookup culture in almost every section of our society. What started with fraternities and sororities has now taken the entire society by a storm. What started as a small isolated trend has now become the biggest phenomenon of the century when it comes to lifestyle and relationships. This is shaped the entire way in which people of the opposite sex come together.

The reality is that the hookup culture always existed. The only difference is that earlier people used to do these thing behind closed doors. But, now they are more open about it. Overall, our society is becoming more and more open about hookups. We now have entered a much wider hookup culture and it is only going to get wider with time. There is going back. It has become part of our culture and has defined current and future ways in which people of opposite sex come together for love, romance, sex, and relationship.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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