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List Of Top Most Ways To Make First Move While Hooking Up

List Of 10 Top Most Ways To Make First Move While Hooking Up With Someone In Order To Get Physically And Sexually Intimate For Some Fun And May Be More

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Anyone who is dating someone new is looking for ways to take things to the next level. After the initial few dates, it is time to think about how to get physically intimate with each other. Making that first move is not always the easiest thing to do. One needs to be extra careful in making the first move so that it doesn’t make either person uncomfortable or embarrassing. Let things happen in a natural way without forcing yourself on to each other. There are many ways to initiate the first touch without feeling awkward or weird about it.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to make first move while hooking up with someone in order to get physically and sexually intimate for some fun and may be more:

# Right Time:
Wait for the right time to make the first move for best results with your date. A more appropriate time would be sometime later in the evening or as it begins to get a little dark. It would look a bit weird trying to touch your date for the first time under the full bright sun. So look for an appropriate time before making any moves as timing is everything when it comes to making the first move with your date.

# Right Location:
The venue where you make the first move with your date is incredibly important as well. Look for an appropriate place that is more suitable for initiating some kind of romance or physical intimacy. Avoid places like a place of worship or anywhere that is a little crowded. Look for more private areas such as sitting in the car or perhaps in the back row of a sparsely occupied movie theater in a not so popular movie so that it is not so crowded.

# Right Mood:
Make sure that your date is in the right kind of mood before making any first move. You both should be enjoying each other’s company before you should even think of trying to touch your date. Try to set the mood by talking about something sweet such as the beauty of nature or anything related to romance. So make sure to first set the background before initiating anything in the foreground with your date.

# Right Moment:
There is always the right moment for making the first move on your date. Everything must be perfect so that the first time you touch each other becomes a memorable event that you can both remember for the rest of your lives. Do not try to rush things and patiently wait for the moment when it feels like the right time. When the moment is right then you both will automatically sense it and things will happen almost effortlessly.

# Overcome Shyness:
If you or your date is shy or hesitant in coming close to each other then give each other some time. There should not be any rush in making a move for the first time. Wait until you both are ready to initiate touch. Some people are very private and they need time to allow someone new to enter their personal space.

# Holding Hands:
The first thing you should do with your date is to hold hands. Holding hands will at least make you both comfortable touching each other for the very first time. Keep holding hands for an extended period of time and try to rub your palms together to feel warm. Holding hands will give you a path to go ahead with a little bit more close to your date.

# Light Touching:
Engage in light touches such as resting your head in your date’s shoulder or touching on their arms. Make sure you both are comfortable being close to each other. Pull yourself back if you get any sense of discomfort. The last thing you would want to do is to make your date feel awkward.

# Be Romantic:
Make sure that it all seems to be incredibly romantic when you try to get physically intimate with your date for the first time. It should appear as if everything is happening on its own instead of you forcing yourself on to each other. Take things slow and let it flow on its own. There should be a mutual move from both sides so that it becomes something really beautiful.

# Hugs Kisses:
If everything is going as per the plan then the next step it to kiss and hug each other. Keep it light for the beginning. Just a small peck on the cheeks would work great. Give your date a friendly hug when you meet or part ways.

# Make Out:
Now it is time for what you both may be waiting for. If the feelings are mutual then go for a long making out session. Make it as passionate as possible instead of making it too sexual. Remember that only real romantic passion can last for a long time and can lead to a more sustainable relationship.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/23/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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