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Anatomy Of Extramarital Affairs

Anatomy Of Extramarital Affairs Explains Why They Are Morally And Ethically Wrong From Every Aspect

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Extra marital affairs are always going to be morally wrong no matter what. But, there are reasons why people even get into something that should otherwise be so undesirable. Some of these reason are totally wrong and there can be no excuse for such a misconduct. However, there are situations where things become almost unavoidable for one to lead to a more fulfilling life.

Following are some reasons of why people get into extra marital affairs:

The main culprit is boredom or staleness in a marriage. After living together for quite some time, couples tend to get bored of each other and they begin to wish for something more exciting. The sparks and lights of romance and sex becomes dimmer and dimmer as time passes by. The passion in the bedroom slowly and steadily dissipates, while the couple are left thinking of what the heck went wrong.

Another reason is that one of the partners is not able to sexually satisfy the other. When there is an imbalance between the sexual needs of couples, it can create ruckus in the bedroom and finally in the relationship. There may also be resilient differences in sexual preferences of both partners. Whatever it may be, unfulfilled sexual needs is known to create big problems between couples.

It may not always be sex, as the main cause could be lack of love and affection. Things may be great in the bed, but there may be absolutely no chemistry or connection between the couple. Everyone craves for love and affection. When they don’t get the kind of love they crave for inside their marriage, they tend to look outside to fulfil that most inherent human need.

Yet another cause is that it may happen that one of the spouse already had an affair with someone else prior to getting married. For some circumstantial reason they were unable to get married to the desired person. Sometimes, such affairs carry on even after marriage. It creates one of the most vulnerable situations.

Sometimes one of the spouse goes through a chronic illness where their physical or emotional capabilities become limited. In such cases, the other spouse becomes more of a caretaker. They tend to look for a relationship outside of marriage. This may also be done with the consent of both spouses where one gives the other a free pass.

When there is a huge age gap between the two partners, they tend to drift apart at some point. This usually happens when one the spouse is fairly young while the other one is much older. This leads to varied interests and needs of both people and those differences get magnified with time. This situation eventually gives birth to a need for an outsider to fulfil their needs.

To offset the above ironical situations, most people indulge in extra marital affairs as that is somewhat easier than ending the marriage itself, especially when the circumstances are such, or when it becomes necessary to maintain the marriage while fulfilling other needs at the same time.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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