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Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs Fall Outside Of A Civil Union Or Marriage Which Makes Them Illicit Or Illegitimate Romantic Or Sexual Relationships

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Extramarital affairs are defined as relationships that fall outside of a civil union or marriage. It’s when an illicit or illegitimate romantic or sexual relationship or friendship or passionate connections or attachment takes place. In other words, it’s an affair that’s kept after marriage but with someone else other than the legal spouse. This is when another person comes in between a couple and drifts or tears them apart.

An extramarital affair that continues or carries on in any shape or form for years, even if one or both of the partners to that affair goes through marriage, divorce, and remarriage, may be considered to be the primary or main relationship and the marriages secondary or ancillary to it. Neither gender can be blamed because both men and women take equal parts in this misconduct. If there is a cheating husband, there must be a cheating woman as well. Likewise, if there is a cheating wife, there must be cheating man as well.

Such affairs are not desirable as they result in infidelity and cheating. They also lead to breach of trust. Extramarital affair usually creates a triangle wherein one comes between the couple. It may also create a rectangle wherein both people have extramarital affairs.

Extra marital affair sometimes saves a marriage from falling apart because the gap that may exist in a marriage is being filled by having an affair. In this case, an extra marital affair compensates for whatever is lacking or missing in a marriage. Many people choose to fulfil their needs outside the marriage instead of breaking it up. There may be children in the picture which makes things further complicated.

Extra marital affairs have been in existence since the beginning of the civilization. It has been found in almost every culture and every society all over the world. History is filled with such incidences. Literature too has taken full advantage of this phenomenon by showcasing it in plays, books, operas, and movies.

In the modern sophisticated societies, it has become a fashion statement to have an extra marital affair. It is considered as a self-esteem booster. However, the fact still remains that it’s morally ethically wrong or sinful to be involved in an extra marital affair. Still, numerous people fall victim of this irresistible temptation. It is known to tear relationships apart.

The world in general is becoming more and more forward when it comes to having affairs. A large number of people are found cheating by having extra marital affairs. People are getting more focused on their personal needs and unwilling to ignore their needs. They are clear about what they want. When they don’t get what they want from their spouse, they look elsewhere to get what they want.

Regardless of the circumstance, extra marital affairs are outright immoral and unethical. Stull, some people find a way to convince their conscience in doing this sin. For them it’s not a sin. They simply think that they have a right to lead a fulfilling life even if they have to break away from the social norms.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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