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Gender Inequality In Romantic Affairs

Role Of Gender Difference In Romantic Affairs

It is most commonly believed that most men fall in love primarily for sex, while most women fall in love basically for an emotional connection. This may be true in most cases, but this may not always be the case.

Men in general are more candid about sex while ignoring any emotional attachment with the partner. Women, on the other hand, get fixated with strong emotions and feelings of love and affection while ignoring sex altogether.

Most men get into affairs primarily for sex while women look for emotional love. They both are seeking different things from their romantic affair partner.

Men in general are more capable of separating sex from emotional attachment than women. That’s why men are more open and honest about sex than women.

The main reason for the difference between how men and women deals with affairs differently may be due to the fact that men have their genitals on the outside instead of the inside in case of women and hence, it’s easier for men to separate sexual feeling from emotional feelings than it is for women. This is just one of many theories that explains why men and women seek a romantic affair.
Date Posted/Updated On: 01/20/2019
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