Love Child Or Lovechild Meaning

Love Child Or Lovechild Is An Euphemism For An Illegitimate Child Born Outside Of A Wedlock By Means Of A Love Affair Or Sexual Relationship Between A Man And Woman Who Are Not Married To Each Other

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Love Child Or Lovechild:

Love child or lovechild means or is defined as a child of love that is born as a result of a love affair or sexual relationship between a man and a woman who are not legally married to each other. Such a child is also called illegitimate or illegal, but today’s legal system and society have both accepted children born out of such a situation.

Love child is a just a milder or a more polite way for a bastard, which is slightly more extreme and sounds outright rude. The word love child has been a hot topic for many famous novels, books, music, and movies.

Ironically, a child born out of such a liaison suffers for no fault of their own. The parents in such cases never end up marrying each other because one or both of them are already married to someone else, or there may be some other reasons that prevent them from being married to each other.

A love child, in most cases, does not get a normal upbringing that can be typically found in family life. Unfortunately, the child goes through many emotional as well as psychological issues because they don’t have both parents raising them, at least not like an average family.

Love is supposed to be a positive and beautiful emotion, so a child born out of love, with or without marriage, should not be used in a derogatory way or with a negative connotation. The origin of love child goes back to many centuries, when making love out of wedlock was considered to be illegal, illegitimate, and even punitive.

A woman getting pregnant before marriage or without being married was not acceptable and was considered rather shameful. It would be further damaging to the girl’s reputation if such a pregnancy ever came to public knowledge.

We have come a long way since then, today, having children before getting married or even without ever getting married is totally acceptable in all modern societies. Things are changing even in not so modern cultures, where such things are no longer considered punitive or unlawful.

Soon we will reach a point where it would become utterly irrelevant if the two people who are going to become parents are married to each other or not. Something like that would not be an ideal situation, but it will surely make the life of the newborn far less painful.

Following are some of the most important things about Love Child:

Love Child is the same thing as cheating or being disloyal to a partner by being involved with someone else and having a child.

Love Child is the cause that leads to breach of trust at multiple levels and may even results in many issues and may even bring an end to a relationship.

Love Child is being sexually unfaithful or disloyal to a lover or a partner who is fully committed to the relationship.

Love Child is dependent upon a lot of factors and it mainly depends on if a person's needs are being met by someone outside of the relationship.

Love Child is also based on what is expected and both partners may not be able to satisfy each other romantically or sexually.

Love Child is a illegitimate thing which is both immoral and unethical and may put the relationship at a risk of coming to an end.

Love Child is also a result of being romantically or sexually unavailable to a partner who has a big desire for a lot of love and affection.

Love Child is a a sign that the heart and soul of a person is with someone outside of the relationship and for some reason there has been a change of hearts.

Love Child is the main cause why a lot of relationships fall apart due to presence of an illegitimate child.

Love Child is an obvious red flag and both partners should think about how to face this extremely tricky situation.

Love Child is not something that should be taken without seriousness as it can bring everything down and most likely end the relationship.
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November 15 ,2020
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