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The Story Of The Other Woman

The other woman is defined as a woman who is romantically or sexually involved with another woman's husband or lover, especially a woman who is having an affair with a married man. The expression is usually used with “the,” to make emphasis. This is an age-old phenomenon. It has always existed since the beginning of time.

The other woman can be almost anyone. She could be the husband’s friend, colleague, or old accomplice. She could be wife’s best friend. She could be a new fling. She could be a result of a brief affair. She could be just about anyone.

The other woman usually comes in the picture when the wife seizes to fulfil the sexual needs of the husband. The man feels he need someone who can fulfil his needs. There can also be lack of chemistry in bed. This makes the man look out for someone who could possibly be more fulfilling.

Most husbands love their wives but men will always be men. They need variety and usually get bored of the same person. They love home cooked meals but get bored of having the same dish every day and makes an excuse of having something different once in a while. The other woman makes such men excited and feel good about themselves and life in general.

Some women drive their men away by being too demanding. They expect their men to spend all their time with them. There is also a lot of nagging and constant suspicions. All these things make the man very suffocated and frustrated. It creates a path for the man to look for another woman who can be more understanding. In this case, the wife drives her husband away from her and into the arms of the other woman.

The main characteristics of the other woman is that she is usually hot, glamorous, and sexy, but that may not always be the case. Her main purpose is to just fill the gaps that exist in a man’s needs in a marriage. For that reason, she may even be older and less attractive than the wife. She becomes a part time lover and usually tend to be more submissive towards the man’s needs.

Regardless of everything else, it’s the wife that has the first claim on her husband’s surname, children, special occasions, properties, bank accounts, etc. The other woman can never have any legal or even moral rights. The good news is that once the newly found excitement found with the other woman withers away or leading a double life becomes too stressful, the husband usually come back to the wife. They then lead a happy life together but only if the wife is able to give all that the husband desires. Or else, it will be one another woman and a repeat of the whole cycle.

Lastly, it’ worth mentioning that there is something known as the “the other man.” This verbage has not caught so much attention or popularity, but it surely exists. In this case, it’s the wife that looks for another man to fulfil her desires and bridge the gap that exists in her marriage. This concept is rapidly catching up in the modern society, especially in the big metropolitan areas.
Date Posted/Updated On: 11/21/2018
Author: ispace1

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