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Always Open To Love

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeves

Some people are extremely susceptible and open to falling in love. They are known to wearing their heart on their sleeves. It means they are overly romantic and can very easily fall in love if given an opportunity or if the right person crosses their way. They are always welcoming to love. The door to their heart is always open. That does not mean that anyone can enter, it just means that they are always ready to confess their feelings without any second thoughts.

These people find it difficult to hide their emotions from anyone. They are habitually open to sharing their feelings without any hesitations. They can never keep their feelings secretive. Nothing is private and everything is out in the open. They are also highly sensitive and emotional people. Just a little thing can break their heart.

Since these people are so open and candid about love, it is easy for others to take their advantage. It’s almost like you are sleeping at night with your door open. Anyone can enter and rob your of your feelings. Which means it’s easy to hurt such people. The true feelings and emotions are clear by the way they behave. One can easily find what’s in their heart. There is very little left to doubt. There is also no hesitation in expressing what they want.

Such people are very honest with their feelings. They are totally transparent and their heart is almost see-through. There is very little left for any surprises. They can’t hide or fake their emotions.

These people are also very blunt. What you see is what you get. They are not shy of speaking what’s in their heart. They pour their heart even to a stranger if they feel right.

They don’t differentiate between positive and negative emotions and just say whatever is inside them. This can be particularly bad if are in a bad mood because then they become even more open in saying what they want without caring about the consequences. The good part is that one can always be sure of what’s in their heart. They can never sugar-coat anything, regardless of the circumstances.

These people are never afraid of saying anything to anyone. They are very daring and have a lot of courage. They don’t wear a mask and don’t have a dual personality. They are exactly the same from the outside as they are from the inside.

People who wear their heart on their sleeves are also very romantic and passionate. Love and romance hold a very high meaning for them. They don’t know how to be diplomatic and are always frank. Everything is black and white for them. There is no space for any grey area. Their love is very pure and extreme in nature. Once their heart slips out of their sleeves, they can go to any length for their lover. It is a blessing to be a relationship with such a person as long as you know how to handle them.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/22/2019
Author: ispace1

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