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Believing In Love

Believing In Love Is The First Step Towards Loving Someone Because Without Belief There Cannot Be True Between Two Lovers

Believing In Love

Believing In Love Is The First Step Towards Loving Someone Because Without Belief There Cannot Be True Between Two Lovers

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If you want to truly experience real love, you must first believe in love. It is not possible to pour your heart and soul into something that you don’t even believe in. Our belief in something makes us more susceptible to accepting and also in being successful at it. Most of us are born with a positive belief in love. We first experience love with our parents and then later in life we seek love from our better half.

All humans are programmed to believe in love. There isn’t much you have to do to cultivate your belief in love. Believing that love is the most important aspect of life and getting ready to experience it is believing in love. To believe that love will change your life and your perspective towards life. Believing in love is like dreaming and being optimistic that through love your life will become better.

Many people lose their belief in love due to some events or experiences. The main reason to not believe in love is having a bad experience. We humans, automatically develop a disbelief in something when we experience failure. We forget to realize that a few past isolated experiences are not indicative of future experiences. Burning your finger once while baking a pizza should not stop you from trying it again, it should not make you slightly cautious so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again.

Just because you got betrayed in your past relationship should not make you lose your faith in love. You should keep trying your luck in love until you find what you are looking for, even if it takes a lifetime. Enjoy even your failed relationships. Even the failed relationships have a certain level of romantic tragedy. All good things come to an end eventually. So, you get up and look again. Your try your luck again. You fall in love again, and again. Your regain your faith in love. Keep repeating this process as many times as it takes you to find love.

Another reason some people lose their belief in love is because they have a certain type of preconceived notion about love. They have a long list of expectations of what they want in love. When those expectations are not met, they stop believing in love. They forget that love can’t be controlled or demanded. You can only control your love towards the other person. You can’t control how and in what shape, size, or form the other person will give you love.

The love you receive is not what you may have thought of. The best way to love is let it flow freely in both directions. Give what you have accept what you get. Love is love, may be not exactly how you wanted it, but it’s still love. Love, in fact, is the most imperfect science. So accept it and alter your expectations in love instead of losing faith in it.

Never give up in love and always believe in love. If you don’t believe in love then you might as well stay away from it because taking a plunge into something you don’t believe in will only lead to more remorse. But if you deprive yourself of love, you will be isolating yourself from one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. So it’s best that keep a positive attitude and always believe in love. If you do that, love will definitely knock your door.

It is natural to lose faith in something you fail in repeatedly. You have tried to get the love you want and you failed each time. You then start getting cold and slowly become indifferent towards love. You feel it’s not worth the pain to go through it again. We all have gone through this phase at some point in our lives. We lose all our hopes in love.

The important thing we once again fail to realize is that you haven’t stopped believing in love. Instead, our definition of love that we have set in our hearts and minds needs a reality check. The love you believe in is the one that resembles the idealistic love you have seen in the movies and cartoon ever since you were a child, or the fairytales that your mother recited to put you off to sleep. All that love is fantasy and fairytale love, far away from reality.

Love in the real world is quite different. It is full of real life problems. We are all born as virgins in love and then one day we lose that virginity only to get hurt. Until this point, we were living in a fantasy world. After this point, we slowly learn to accept the love that is real life. It takes time to adjust our belief system but with time and with little self-counseling, we must come closer to reality. Real life is not what’s in movies and bedtime stories. Real love is imperfect and flawed. All we need to do is find perfectness in that imperfect love. This kind of love doesn’t even require us to believe in love. We just need to move from idealism to realism. Love in real life is raw love which is full of all the good and bad things. Just cherish the love you can build and believing in love will become irrelevant.
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June 29 ,2019

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