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Chasing Love

Chasing Or Going After Love

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Love is a feeling that comes to us on its own. The more we chase love or go after it, the more it goes away from us. The best things in life happens when we least expect them and love is no different. Love enters our life without us chasing it. In fact, chasing love can push it away. If you want love to happen to you then spend less time chasing love and more time chasing your dreams.

Love is not an obligation that we have to fulfil, instead it an opportunity that we must seize. Stop getting obsessed with love and focus on what you really want in a relationship. All of us want true intimate love that is honest and gives us security and makes us feel good about the chemistry and boding that we have with our partner. But we start chasing love, we begin chasing a person, a body, instead of the feeling of love. Somehow, our focus becomes a person rather than the actual love itself.

The main reason why we end up chasing people instead of love is because that is how our minds are programmed. We think that love means a person and not love itself. This is the main reason why many relationships fail. Stop looking at the surface, go deep beyond and try to make an actual bond with that person’s heart. If you truly believe in love, it will show up at your doorstep.

Stop chasing the wrong things. Go after the love that is beneath or inside you. Discover the love that you have in your heart and pour it out. When you love yourself and shower love, love will come back to you exponentially. That’s how the law of attraction works. Love attracts love, happy people attracts other happy people. All these things lead to a fulfilling life.

When you chase someone, you drive the other person up the wall and they will finally go away from you. So set your love free. If you love comes back to you without you chasing them, that’s true love. If your love doesn’t reciprocate or come back to you, then it was never meant to be. Either way, you need to learn to set love free and see which direction it takes.
Chasing for love is like feeling desperate to have love in life. Many people chase their love to win their hearts. After all love is a game of cat and the mouse, where the cat is always chasing the mouse. Life is all about chasing our dreams and so is love.

Love can be chased to a limited extent. If chasing goes beyond its limits there comes a need to stop chasing. We chase someone who does not value our emotions and turn their attention away from us. In such case it is advisable to stop chasing the love you want. Love comes automatic and cannot be forced on someone. The people who truly love you will find their way to you. So stop chasing people and start cherishing love.
Read This: Once Honeymoon Is Over - After The Initial Attraction Is Over And The Real Deal Kicks In
Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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