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Clueless In Love

Clueless Or Oblivious In Love With Each Other

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Clueless in love is when one is not sure of their love. They are not sure whether they should pursue that love seriously or just move on. It can be an utter state of confusion where things looks foggy. It's just a mere attraction between the two and they are not sure about it whether they should pursue that love or not. Clueless in love is a testing time when two people may decide to see each other as lovers and take it further depending on how they gel with each other.

Clueless in love may or may not develop in to a strong relationship as it is the starting point of a relationship. Clueless in love is full of doubts as to where they are heading in love. The only way to deal with clueless love is by getting some clues about that love and hence making it somewhat more meaningful and solid. If there are no clues of love then it is better to let it go.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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