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Eternal Love

Eternal Love That Goes On Until Eternity

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Love that is true and real is often defined as eternal and timeless. If it’s not eternal, then it probably was not love. It was perhaps just a fling or may be an infatuation that was misunderstood as love. Love is a very complicated emotion. That’s why many people confuse love with other emotions and feelings. Eternal love is that love that does not die or wither with time.

Eternal love remains almost like a constant and it goes on forever and ever. There can be other variables in the equation of life but eternal love remains a constant. Eternal love is continuous and never seizes to exist. It stays rock solid and never leaves your sight even for a moment.

Eternal love or timeless love here does not necessarily mean the time that you see pass in your watch or calendar. Eternal or timeless love goes through all the ups and downs of life. It doesn’t change with the ever-changing circumstances and situations. In fact, your love shapes you in the person that you are today. It will keep changing you and perhaps make you a better person than you would have been without love in your life.

Eternal love is paramount for a long-lasting romantic relationship. It helps in making the foundation of a relationship stronger. It facilitates security and trust in a romantic relationship. Eternal love is what keeps a relationship alive even after years and decades. Eternal love remains the same even though the people in love age and become old.

Eternal love is love between two souls. It not between two bodies or two people. Eternal love is love of two hearts. It creates harmony and chemistry between two people.

Eternal love keeps the fabric of a relationship intact. Make sure you make every effort to make you love last forever. Love is a like a cart that won’t roll by itself. However, once two people gives it enough initial push and maintains a momentum, it keep rolling forever.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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