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Excessive Love

Loving Someone In Excess Or Too Much

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As a thumb rule, anything, good or bad, in excess is bad, it can never be good. Too much of a good thing seems to be good, but it’s not. Even something is as desirable as love is bad in excess. Too much of anything is bad, even if it’s love. Loving someone too much is a warning sign.

Love is such a wonderful feeling, yet this positive thing in excess is bad. Love is described as infinite and without limits, still too much of love is not good for a healthy relationship. It is perfectly fine to love some deeply and madly. But when that depth or madness crosses limits that’s when problems seems to seep in.

Think of it this way, sugar is sweet but too much of it can give you diabetes. Fried food tastes good, but too much of it can give us high cholesterol. Well, sugar and fried food are known to cause health issues. Let’s look at some of the good things like milk. Having too much of milk, or having too much of spinach, both of which are considered highly nutritious, can also cause health problems. So, too much of anything is bad. Likewise, too much of love or even the emotions associated with love can be harmful of us, the other person, and our relationship with that person.

Excessiveness of anything makes us lose sight of the bigger picture. When we love someone too much, we lose sight of the broader realm of our relationship. We just focus on giving and getting love, forgetting everything else. Excessive love prevents us from making the overall relationship healthy. Our excessive love can even block as from seeing faults in our partner which can be a negative thing in the long run as we may be ignoring something that could be potentially eroding our relationship. This is why some people define love as being blind and oblivious.

There is another reason for us to feel there is excessive love in our relationship. When we give more than we receive or when we receive more than we give, we automatically feel excessiveness of that thing. Likewise, when you give more love to your partner than you receive or when you receive more love from your partner than you give, you feel there is excessive love. This happens because there is an imbalance of love.

The only way to fix this imbalance is by talking to your partner and try to reach an equilibrium in love before the gap between your love for one another increases and cause any damage. You don’t need to apply arithmetic and measure the love you give and get, but there should be a reflective reciprocity in love. Sometimes, we end up investing too much in love without getting anything in return. In general women are more needy of love than men. Women tend to have a much bigger supply of love than men.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showering love towards your partner, but there is a fine line between love and excessive love, between caring love and smothering. when you keep crossing this line, you are making your partner more and more suffocated and it won’t be too long before they ask you to back off or even completely break things off. When you make your partner feel overwhelmed with love, you run the risk of pushing them away.

Loving someone too much is also an indication of insecurity and selfishness. We are afraid of losing our partner so much that we end up giving them more love than they need and when they get more of what they need, they will start rejecting that excessive love. The more you throw yourself to your partner, the farther they will go away from you. A safe distance and space is needed for any relationship to be healthy.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/27/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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