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Falling In Love Multiple Times

Falling In Love Multiple Times Over And Over Again

Read This: Falling In Love Multiple Times - Falling In Love Multiple Times Over And Over Again

It is common belief that we can fall in love only once in our lifetime or that love can only happen once. The truth can’t be farther from this notion. Research shows contradictory results. We are perfectly capable of falling in love again and again, or at least a few times.

The main reason we think that we can fall in love only once is because our previous or current love is either too good or too bad. If it was too bad, we think it’s impossible to fall in love again after a painful breakup. Our heart gets shattered into thousand pieces and we are reluctant to go through the same experience again. If it is too good, then we think it’s impossible to ever get the same quality of love ever again from anyone else. This situation is the most desirable one.

We are taught by our surroundings and the society that love can happen only once. This is because our culture wants to motivate us to take love seriously. We are expected to fall in love just once and spend the rest of our lives with just that one person. This concept had more credibility in the older times and it still is the case in some conservative cultures of our society.

In today’s times, things are changing. We don’t want to settle with anyone until we find the one we really love. So we keep falling in love and falling out of love. We keep repeating the process until we find the one we are looking for.

It’s hard to truly fall in love even once. There are many people who have never experienced romantic love even once. That said, it’s not difficult for us to fall in real love for at least half a dozen times in our lifetime. The important thing to note here is that love should not be confused with infatuation or lust, both of which can happen unlimited number of times.

We can fall in love many times. Our first love may not always be our last love. Our first love is the most memorable one because it thought us the true meaning of love. But our last love is the most remarkable one because it stays with us until the end. This is the most important love of our life. This is the love with which you experience all the good and bad things.

When it comes to finding our ultimate love, we may have to climb the ladder of love by falling in love with a few people before we find our final destination. If we stop at the first step, we can’t reach the final one. Hence, it becomes inevitable to keep falling in love until we find our soul mate. This process has to do with little bit of fate as well as the choices that we make.

Fate and having faith means there is someone out there who is destined for you. You just have to find that person. Choices means the people your heart selects to knowingly or unknowingly fall in love with. When you combine good fate with smart choices, you are bound to find the love of your life.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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