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Falling In Love With Multiple People

Falling In Love With Multiple People All At The Same Time Is Very Natural But Can Alao Lead To A Very Complicated Situation

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Love is a tricky emotion. It is not uncommon to find people falling in love with more than one person at the same time. Though it may sound morally unethical, falling in love with more than one person is just like falling in love with just one person. The process is almost the same. How we fall in love with one person is exactly the same as falling in love with another. In fact, the notion that one can’t fall in love with more than one person is totally irrational.

Falling in love with more than one person can happen to anyone. You are in love with a person. Then you meet another person and admire them and you fall in love with them too. All this is very natural. We as humans are made to seek love and give love when we can. Love is sacred but it doesn’t have to be solo. Our hearts are capable of falling in love many time with many different people and sometimes it happens all at the same time.

We can definitely fall in love with many different people at the same time but the bigger question is whether we should allow ourselves to do so. It is not in control to get attracted and romantically drawn towards some people. Those feelings can’t be stopped. But we can take control of our heart and not act on those feelings. While falling in love with someone is out of our control, acting on those feelings is totally in our control. It is very much possible to kill those feelings and stop them from escalating.

Falling in love is not a once in a lifetime emotion and it can reoccur many times. Falling in love with another person while you are already in love with someone usually occurs in a matured stage of love. In other words, we are unlikely to fall in love with two people at the same time. What usually happens is that we fall in love with one person. After a while our love enters a matured stage where the passion is not as high as it used to be in the beginning. This is the perfect stage to fall in love with someone new and exciting in order to experience the same type of passion that is now dead in your current relationship. Doing so even lets you experience two types of love at the same time, matured love and passionate love.

When we fall in love with more than one person, the main reason is usually to fulfil an un-fulfilled need or desire. The excitement that comes with a new relationship often fades away with time. It is very difficult to maintain the same level of romantic or sexual excitement after the initial stage. This is why we seek that same excitement with someone else. What we forget is that this lusty excitement is purely sexual and it may too die as soon as it came.

Falling in love with more than one person is not looked upon with respect, regardless of the circumstances. Our society is becoming more and more open but it still is not quite ready for multiple lovers at the same time. No matter how sacred your love for another person may be, it will still be called as an illegitimate affair. It will never get the same respect as your first and solo relationship. A day may come when our community is ready for all this and that day may be near but it’s not quite here yet.

The best way to deal with deal with falling in love with more than one person is to not act on your feelings. If you are in love with more than one person, make a comparison chart and pick the one person that you wish to be with. Let the others go away. This is perhaps the best way to handle the situation.

In case one of your love is just a fling, then the decision is pretty simple. In case you are deeply and truly in love with two people at the same time and can’t make yourself accept letting go one either one, then you are in trouble. It’s not impossible but will be incredibly difficult to balance your ride in two boats at the same time with your one foot in one and the other in another. Love is best when its solo, so try not to complicate your life with multiple loves in your life.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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