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Foolish Love

Foolish Or Silly In Love With Someone

Love can be both foolish and silly. Sometimes we end up doing things that would otherwise be considered insane or crazy. Love makes everyone do foolish things. Sometimes we love someone so foolishly and madly that we forget ourselves in that process.

Foolishly in love is mostly one sided but it can be both sided too. Foolishly in love can be said as madly deeply and completely in love with someone. There can be many types of foolish love, such as being in love with a person who is not worth it can be foolish, or always giving love to someone without getting anything in return. Of course, foolish love can be a good thing as long as both partners are in love with each other and their love does not turn into a crazy obsession.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/23/2019
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one space for everyone
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