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Footing Of Love

Footing Or Foothold Of Love Is Poise And Stability

Footing of love is a strong ground for love. The weaker the footing of love, the more vulnerable love would be. It is always advisable to build a strong footing for love and relationship. Communication is important footing of love because it is important to expresses feelings towards each other. With good communication comes good connection. Loving without condition and kindness is also one of the footholds of love.

Friendship is also one the footing of love. When two people who act as friends and lovers together, their relation becomes stronger. Footing of love is a combination of many different things. Allowing each other to grow and giving unconditional love to each other makes the foundation of love more strong. Footing is a mix of many actions and emotions. No matter what they are and how they are used in different proportions, building a strong foundation of love is the collective effort of both partners together. Where one makes mistakes the other forgives. It becomes a relation of give love and take love in reciprocation. Footing of love is the strength of a relationship, it is the basis on which love stands.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/26/2019
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