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Foundation Of Love

Foundation Of Love Is Like A Solid Groundwork That Makes The Love Rock Solid With A Lot Of Dedication And Commitment

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The foundation of anything defines how solid that thing is, be it a house, a building, or even love. Just like the foundation of a building, it is equally important that the foundation of love and romantic relationships is rock solid so that it can sustain any intensity of storms and rough times. If the foundation of love is strong, it is less likely to fall apart and disintegrate. Foundation of love should be strong enough to withhold love for entire life. Foundation of love stands on many pillars together. Love is an expression of how we react to others. Love is total absence of fear and what we fear most is love. Hence love and fear has a close connection. Foundation of love becomes solid when it is fearless. It is not easy to form a solid foundation of love.

To build a solid foundation of love, it needs loyalty and faithfulness, trust and faith, respect and admiration, appreciation and gratitude, and integrity and honesty.

Loyalty and faithfulness in love means you feel contend and fully satisfied with your partner, leaving no room for looking at others to fulfil your needs or desires of any kind. You are totally devoted to your partner in every way. There is absolutely no temptation or desire to look elsewhere for love. It means you are loyal to yourself, your partner, and the relationship that you share together.

Trust and faith in love means you have full trust and in faith in your partner. You both have total conviction and confidence in the love that you both share. First you have to trust yourself, then your partner. It is important to have complete trust in a relationship.

Respect and admiration in love means you both hold a very high opinion about each other. All romantic relationships require a deep level of respect for yourself and your partner. Always talks about each other with highest regards for each other without any negative comments or criticism. Always respect your partner’s values, preferences, and other behavioral or social traits.

Appreciation and gratitude in love means being thankful and transmitting a feeling of gratefulness. It is extremely important to appreciate your partner and tell them how fortunate you are to have them in your life. Showing a token of gratitude makes love deeper. If you showcase a nice loving gesture, your partner is many folds more likely to return the favor exponentially.

Integrity and honesty in love means you are upfront and straightforward about your feelings about your partner. Have the courage to express exactly how you feel, even if it is something negative. When we become honest in a relationship, we give birth to empathy and understanding. Always be real and communicate your feelings at the face value, then ask for rectification if needed.

The above qualities, once implemented, can make the foundation of love stronger. All you need is some adjustments in your thought process. The way we react and the choices we make greatly affect our relationship and its future. Adopting this positive change will minimize fear. It also requires us to be more adaptable and less rigid. After all, a relationship is between you and your partner. Of course, the relationship that you have with own self also plays a great role and must not be ignored. If we have a good relationship with our own self, it becomes easier to do the same with our partner. The only difference is that you would need to take into account the qualities of another person. So be flexible and welcome change in your life. Embrace change instead of fearing it. We live in an ever-changing world that evolves continuously and forever. Even our love and relationship evolves, and if it doesn’t, it will lead to stagnation which will kill itself at some point.

Hence, make the foundation of your love solid by opening doors to change and allow your heart and solve to evolve in your relationship. Think of it as building a sturdy boat that can sustain any kind of storm and sailing in that boat with the changing times. Make the decision to renew and reincarnate your relationship by strengthening its foundation. With a strong foundation of love, you can take it all the way to the end of time.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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