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Getting Ready For Love

Getting Ready For Being Prepared To Love Someone With All Your Heart And Soul Should Be A Precursor To Falling In Love

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Love is a serious emotion that require equal seriousness from your end. Before you dive into the ocean of love, make sure you are ready to embrace love with open arms. You must be welcoming to love and everything that comes with it. Getting prepared for love can be a little bit more complicated than it sounds.

Think of love as your college exams, you have to study to do well on your exams. Likewise, in order to be successful in love, you have to be ready for love, or else you will fail just like that math test you took in high school without studying. Our preparedness decides our success, be it at exam, our career, or even love for that matter. Most relationships fail because on or both partners were not ready for it.

Being ready for love means carrying no past emotional baggage. Emotional baggage can be from past romantic relationship or even from our other non-romantic relationships with our parents, siblings, or other family members or friends. Make sure your heart is a clean slate before you take the plunge to fall in love and get into a relationship. Getting ready for love also involves having a good self-esteem, if you don’t feel good about yourself you won’t be able to make anyone else feel good either.

Make sure you are not holding onto any feeling of anger or resentment from the past. Leave the past in the past, don’t carry it on to the present or the future. Let bygones be bygones. Learn to forgive or forget whatever happened in the past. Learn from the past and focus on not making the same mistakes again. Letting go of past resentments empowers us with a new kind of energy. Stuff happens, accept it. It doesn’t matter if it was your fault or someone else’s. The important thing is to let it go and not allow your past to leave a bitter taste in your mouth because it will lead to frustration and bitterness. Remember, your past relationships are not really your past relationships until you stop thinking them and allow them to affect you even in the present.

Getting ready for love is preparing yourself at every level for love. Getting ready for love is getting ready for an amazing relationship at mind, body and spiritual level because love is a necessary component of life. Being ready for a relationship requires lots of efforts. First the mind should be ready. It is difficult to convince the mind to get ready for a relationship especially if one has been betrayed in the past. Sometimes the mind is not ready for a love because it does not believe in it. Some people run away from love as they are scared of love and commitment. Some people are not ready for love because of their strict work schedules. Some are not ready for love because of their financial constraints.

Getting body ready for love is making oneself attractive to impress the opposite sex. Buying new clothes, keeping themselves updated, buying new colognes and perfumes. Having enough cash for outings. Buying suitable gifts and accessories are when one gets ready for love at body level. Getting ready for love at spiritual level is when one understands what love really is. Love is the best emotion.

Love manifests in the heart and passes on to other beings. Love is spiritual, holy and divine. It makes a soul rise to a higher level. With love one feels everything is possible.

So getting ready for love is getting ready to accepting love with gratitude and reciprocating it in return wholeheartedly. Keeping a positive attitude and giving love the benefit of doubt is being ready for love. Love is a beautiful thing. Be open to it and you will see how it can make your life even more wonderful.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 07/18/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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