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Intense Love

Intense Love Is Extremely Strong

Intense love is love that is extreme in degree and amount. It is extremely deep as well as devotional. Everything about it is excessive and immoderate. It is a very powerful, passionate, forceful, and deep form of love that is exceedingly strong. Its intensity is so strong that nothing can break it or even reduce its being.

Intense love is also very ardent, fervent, and can even be fanatical in nature. It is so strong that people start doubting the sanity of the person involved. It is when another person's happiness becomes more important than their own. When either one of the parties or both can go do anything and everything for each other. It is love beyond any limitations. The feelings are also very intense and acute. It is very rare to find such kind of love these days.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/20/2019
Author: ispace1

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