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Jealousy In Love

Jealousy And Suspicion In Love Surfaces When There Is Lack Of Trust And Faith And Those Things Can Ruin Any Romantic Relationship

Jealousy In Love

Jealousy And Suspicion In Love Surfaces When There Is Lack Of Trust And Faith And Those Things Can Ruin Any Romantic Relationship

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Love is the most skeptical feeling in the world. Love also comes with a feeling of ownership or belongingness. When we love some thing or a person, we develop a certain level of attachment towards that thing or person. When we feel that someone may snatch that thing or person from us, it makes us highly uncomfortable. That feeling of uncomfortableness is called jealousy. This jealousy has been deemed as the guardian of love, but that’s not always true. Love is a combination of many emotions and jealousy is one of them.

Sometimes, partners make each other jealous over little things to get attention or to bring back the spice in their stale love. A little dash of jealousy in love can bring two people together, but getting overboard in jealousy can be the main reason for the downfall of love.

It’s a common myth that jealousy is a sign of love, in fact jealousy is a major hurdle in relationships. The true cause of jealousy is not love, instead it’s our own insecurities. Our low self-esteem and emotional instability gives rise to jealousy. Possessiveness is another cause of jealousy.

Too much dependence on our partner for everything also stems into jealousy. Having no alternative partner can also increase jealousy because it increases our dependency on our partner. Feeling that you are not good enough to be with your partner, which actually is our lack of confidence or self-worth, also leads to jealousy. Always getting the feeling of abandonment and being left alone can also make you more jealous.

While jealousy in love is a negative trait and often robs the freedom of the other person. Jealousy creates a feeling of insecurity in love. There is a fear of losing someone special in jealousy. When jealousy exceeds the limits, it leads to obsession, which is unhealthy. Too much jealousy can create arguments and conflicts in a relationship.

Jealousy in love can also be result of lack of trust. When one does not have trust in the other, they tend to be jealous of the other's movements. Jealousy leads to always doubting the other person. It is necessary not to have such jealous thoughts in mind for a healthy and happy relationship. Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness. Jealousy can ruin an otherwise healthy relationship.

Small amount of jealousy in love is part and parcel of being in love. Jealousy brings in fear and anxiety of losing someone special. This fear is sometimes necessary to hold or sustain strong love. Jealousy originates from strong love for someone. Excessive jealousy can create tidal waves in the hearts as it brings in the fear of separation. Jealousy in love beyond limits leads to conflicts, arguments, and suspicions. All of these reasons for jealousy goes back to your own insecurities and lack of trusting or believing in yourself. If you are jealous of your partner, the best solution is to start believing in yourself, believe that you deserve it and are worth it. If your partner is jealous, the best solution to curtail jealousy is by giving repeated reassurances to your partner. When you combine both these things, it will surely reduce or even eliminate jealousy from your relationship.

Also, stop stressing yourself all the time by monitoring every move of your partner. Stop checking their emails or social media or phone records. This is a never ending vicious cycle that may have spiral affect. The more you snoop, the more evidence you may find, and the more jealous you will get. The best way is to not even get into spying your partner. Think of this way, what’s yours is yours and will remain yours. No one can take it away from you. If someone does take it away from you, then maybe it was never yours. If you have that kind of attitude, jealousy can never even touch you. It’s all about having confidence and believing in yourself and your partner.

If something is bothering you, it’s best to talk about it with your partner instead of letting it build in you. Be direct, but not aggressive. Be calm and explain your stand. Allow your partner to explain and remove your doubts. Most likely it’s your misunderstanding. Most cases in our jealousy are baseless and it stems from our own micro management and silliness. But, some jealousy may actually be justified. If your partner is having an affair with someone, you have every right to walk out of that relationship but at that point it would be called infidelity and not jealousy.

The best form of love is when it’s left free. When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, it means it was yours. If they don’t, it means they were never yours. So set your love free and it will find its way back to you.
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June 29 ,2019

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