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Keeping Love Alive

Keeping Love Alive And Kicking For Forever Is Very Important But Not Always An Easy Task In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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Love is a feeling and like all other feelings it can’t always be the same. There can be big ups and downs in how we feel towards someone. Our feelings also change overtime because we ourselves change. Change is inevitable and so is change in how we feel romantically for someone. That said, it is possible to keep alive and kicking in a relationship.

Love can be evolved and it can grow over the years. Just as plant needs to be nurtured for it to grow, love too needs to be nurtures because it is a very fragile emotion. Just a little overlook can kill it forever. All lovers know that it is important to keep love alive in a relationship but it is easier said than done.

The first step to keep love alive is to accept the fact that as we age, our romantic and sexual needs as well as desires diminish. Our views and opinions change. Even our likes and dislikes change with time. Moreover, after a few year in a relationship, you already know everything about each other, you already have done everything. So there is very little left to explore and be excited about.

With time, you and your feelings will evolve and so will your love for one another. Keeping love alive is like keeping the fire of love alive which bonds two people together. The best way is to take a few measures to keep love alive and not let it fade away. The two most important elements that can keep the fabric of love strong is affection or care for each other and romantic or sexual desire. If you can keep these two parts alive throughout your relationship, love will prevail. If not, you are at risk of reaching a dead end in your relationship.

There are umpteen things you can do to keep love alive. It is important not to take each other or the love for granted which leads to a staled boring relationship which will eventually die its own death. A desire to explore new parts of each other and trying new things can be a driving force to keep love alive. Don’t forget to surprise each other, just like you used to in the good old days. Surprises have the tendency to keep the excitement going.

Celebrate all important occasions such as your birthdays and anniversary. Even celebrate the time when you first met, your first date, etc. Love is all about celebrating. So celebrate even the little things. All this will keep your love and memories fresh.

Give priority to each other over other things. Don’t neglect each other. Take time out from your busy schedule. You need qualitative as well as quantitative love. Giving exotic gifts to each other can also keep love alive. Attend to each other’s needs and listen what the other says and does not say. Do stuff together, whether it’s cooking a meal or gardening. When you do stuff together, you bond as well.

Try not to forget to show gratitude to each other and demonstrate how grateful you are. Appreciate each other and be thankful. Praise and complement each other. Express love for each other. Sending romantic text messages can also keep the romance alive. Going out for lunches or romantic dinners would be a good idea as well. There can be uncountable things you can do to keep your love alive, all you have to do is be creative.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/16/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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