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Love And Heart Connection

Love And Heart Connection Originates From Our Brain Because That Is Where Cognitive Processes Take Place

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Historically speaking, the heart had for long been considered the center of our bodies where all the cognitive processes took place. The Egyptians actually thought that the heart was the main foundation of the soul and also of thinking, memory, emotions, and feelings. They believed that the heart would be pondered through judgement after death and that’s why they preserved the heart during mummification but tossed the brain out. In later years, even Aristotle firmly believed that that the heart was the main source of intellect, gesticulation, and sensation. He also thought that the brain and lungs co-existed to calm the heart. After the Renaissance it became abundantly clear that the main function of heart is exclusively to pump blood.

Hence, it was firmly believed in the middle ages that the heart was the main source of thought, emotions, feelings, and the soul. Now that we know the scientific reasoning that heart’s sole purpose is to pump blood, we still continue to use heart as a metaphor or a simile for our emotions and feelings and for our soul as well. So as you can see, there is a history of why we believe that the feelings of love are controlled by our hearts. Historical beliefs have a way of making a big mark and seeping into future generations.

The reality is that our heart is not capable of thinking or taking any decisions. Our heart is an involuntary muscle which can pump blood on its own. Our heart is not responsible for feeling of love simply because it’s just not capable of doing so. Love in fact happens because of some chemical reactions in our brain. In short, love originates from brain and not from heart.

It is a common phrase and a question mark whether we think from our heart or brain. This phrase itself is faulty. As already explained, our heart does not have the ability to think. We say this because we somehow intuitively associate our heart with feelings rather than the actual thoughts that originates from those feelings. The actual meaning of this phrase is whether we think and act or if we act on our feelings. The important thing to note is that both of these things, thoughts and feelings, originate from our brain.

There are many other phrases where we associate our heart with our feelings. People often say that they give their heart to their lover. This actually means that they give their life to them because their love is so strong that the other person mean more to them than themselves. We also say that our heart aches for our lover, or that we feel pain in our heart after a breakup, or that our heart longs for someone, or that our heart is in love, or that our heart belongs to someone, and so on. We relate our heart with love because our heart can affect the rest of our body but that’s also true with our brain.

The fact is that we unknowingly connect our heart with feelings of love and romance because there is a history behind it. We grew up in a culture that promotes those historical beliefs. All this is easier said than done. If you are in love, take a moment to think where your feelings or actions actually originates from. It’s one of those things that you have to think and feel yourself. One thing you can be sure of is that all feelings and emotions originate and are controlled from our brain. It is fine to believe that there is a close relation between our love and our heart, but only metaphorically, not realistically.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/21/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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