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Love And Jealousy

Love And Jealousy Are Inseparable When There Is Possessiveness

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Love and jealousy are part and parcel of any romantic relationship. Feeling of jealousy are as normal as the feeling of love. What matters more is how one acts and reacts to it. That’s what makes the world of difference. Romantic jealousy is usually triggered when one of the partners display or even hint a romantic interest in another person.

Jealousy has long been often believed to be the guardian of love. But in actually, it is mostly the reason for the downfall of love. Jealousy may not always mean that one doesn’t trust someone. It just means that there is so much of love and care for that person that they are scared to lose the other person, either partially by losing attention or even fully.

Love and jealousy are both emotions or feeling. It’s how one feels about another person, which can be hard to describe in words. Love and Jealousy go hand in hand. Jealousy is one of the emotions of love. It is healthy to be jealous but it should not go to the extremes.

Jealousy creates a feeling of insecurity of losing the person. Such feeling is necessary to keep the love strong. However, too much jealousy can rob the freedom of the other person. It can create conflicts and arguments and is a threat to a relation.

Love jealousy can also sometimes be used to get your love back. More the jealousy, more the love showered by the partner in the fear of not losing that person. The word jealousy technically refers to the feelings and thoughts of fear, insecurity, concern, and anxiety over a foreseeable loss of someone of great personal value. Jealousy often consists of a mix of emotions such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, and helplessness.

Jealousy should not be confused with envy, though many people use the two terms synonymously. Jealousy is a human reaction that all humans are born with. Jealousy has been observed even in infants five months and older. Jealousy is not a culture-specific phenomenon as it exists in all cultures, though it may be more prevalent in cultures than others.

Jealousy is a concept explored by many people from different walks of life.

Psychologists have come up with various concepts of processes causing jealousy and have classified reasons that may result in jealousy.

Sociologists have validated that it is mainly the cultural values and beliefs that play a vital part in defining what actually activates feelings of jealousy.

Biologists have demonstrated elements of human body that may unintentionally inspire jealousy.

Artists have toyed with the jealousy theme in songs, movies, plays, poems, books, folkdances, puppet shows, photographs, paintings, sculptures.

Theologians have proposed their own religious opinions of jealousy in light of the scriptures of their respective faiths.

Romantic jealousy originates from sociobiological factors, cultural and historical factors, personality factors, relational factors, situational factors, and strategic factors.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/27/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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