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Love And Romance

Meaning And Definition Of Love And Romance

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Love is the purest and most pious form of emotion or feeling, which is a profoundly tender passionate affection and genuine care for another person without any expectations or selfish motives, still it is so vague yet so simple, as it includes physical, emotional, romantic, intimate, and spiritual closeness between two souls, leading to ultimately divine and heavenly happiness and pleasure.

Love has to be experienced as it can’t be explained in mere words, so the best way to know what its actual meaning is by falling in love

Love is the best and most innocent type of emotion a person can ever feel because to love and to be loved in return gives a feeling of goodness and contentment.

Love ignites a very strong liking and attraction between two people.

Love ignites deep romantic and sexual desires.

Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment.

Love is the most desirable form of emotion.

Romance is a vehicle or a medium to express love and care for someone, implying a manifestation of one's deep and strong feelings or emotional desires to connect with another person, both intimately as well as romantically, making it the most expressive and pleasurable feeling originating from a physical and emotional attraction between two people, and tends to be usually associated with romantic and sexual desires.

Romancing is making the other person feel special and desirable and it is reciprocated in the same manner.

Romance can be in many different ways and it varies from person to person.

Romance ignites or excites a relationship and take it to the next level.

Romance is also a way of showing love and affection towards a person.

Romance is one of the key components of any relationship that can keep it alive.
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June 29 ,2019

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