Love At Second Sight

Love At Second Sight, Glance, Meeting, Dance, Date, Kiss, Hug, Sex, Is More Realistic And Lasts Longer As It Is A Well Thought Form Of Emotion And Is Likely To Lasts Longer

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Love At Second Sight:

Love at second sight is when you meet a person for the second time and fall in love with that person. After you first meet a person, you need to sleep over it and put your thoughts together. You think through every aspect of that person, not just that spark of initial attraction that lit up the rainbow in your heart. Don’t forget that rainbows go away as fast as they come.

Love At Second Glance, Meeting, Dance, Date, Kiss, Hug, Sex:

Love at second thought is well thought of emotion. It is a combination of love feelings along with a zillion of other practical nuances. Love that strikes like lightning doesn’t last very long. Steady and everlasting love comes slowly, just like the sun that rises gradually and slowly lights up the entire sky with its powerful rays. Just like anything else, love needs a solid friendship on which it can formulate and grow upon.

Feelings Of Love Are More Practical After Meeting For The Second Time:

All that high level of first-time attraction often blinds people from seeing some visible warning signs or red flag. People often get so mesmerized at the moment that they forget the fact that if they like each other and can put up with each other. When it comes to love, slow and steady wins the race. Fast love stories don’t last for too long. They collapse equally fast. Not because love or that initial attraction dies out completely, but because practical factors and more real-life issues overtake love.

Love Becomes Better When There Are Second Thoughts:

Love that has other factors on its side wins. Love usually loses when everything else is against it. For love to sustain, it must grow gradually and reach a normal daily life pace instead of some fantasy. Our brains are programmed to get carried away by people who are flashy, charismatic, and captivating. Low key people often go unnoticed.

Love At Second Sight Is More Realistic:

Keep in mind that most qualities are often buried deep inside a person. It takes time to dig out and see these good things in a person. What appears right away is usually superficial, and it’s just on the surface. First sight love also is inspired by the movies, but life is not a movie, it’s far from it. That magical first-time love often depicted in movies is far from reality. It doesn’t mean that the first sight love shown in movies doesn’t or can’t happen in real life. It does, and it can, but the chances of that happening in real life are slim, and the possibilities for that love to sustain are even narrower.

Love At Second Sight Is More Long Lasting:

When people meet for the first time, both people try to put their best foot forward to do almost anything to impress each other. They even end up doing and saying things which otherwise won't in a normal situation. So most, if not all, of that jazz is nothing but a drama. It is also a highly volatile and nervous situation. It is only when they meet again, the more real self of them begins to emerge. That’s when other things come out of the closet, and the initial spark cools down.

Love At Second Sight Is Far Better Than At First Sight:

Think of the first sight as the preliminary round of some big audition and the second sight as a more serious look at the merit. Only a handful of people pass through the second round. The same logic applies with love at first and second sight. It is often easy to fall for a person on the first looks but passing through the second time is much more difficult.

Signs Of Love At Second Sight:

Think of the second meeting as your first chance to present your real self without trying too hard to impress the other person. It may be the second time you are meeting, but it is your first chance to get to know the other person. The first meeting is just a formality to see if two people even want to meet again. The second meeting can be a game-changer. If you feel the same intensity of attraction for the other person despite their flaws and other qualities, then there is a future of that relationship. So the best advice is that don’t fall in love on the first sight and don’t write anybody off either. It’s only the love at second sight that is more steady and stable.
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November 15 ,2020
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