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Love Is Lovely

Love Is Lovely As It Is The Loveliest Feeling And Can Make One Feel Like They Are Truly In Heaven On Earth

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Love is a lovely feeling. In fact, love is the loveliest feeling in the world. Love is a combination of many feelings put together. Love is a highly enjoyable and desirable feeling. It is priceless and holds a far greater importance than most of the superficial things.

Love is very attractive, beautiful, and is highly pleasing as well enjoyable. Love is a pleasing feeling. Lovely comes from lovable, an adjective that describes a person’s or thing’s attractiveness which inspires and spreads love. Love is something so attractive you can't help but love it.

The lovely feeling of love actually comes from some chemicals within your brain which makes you feel so wonderful. Love involves hormones, testosterone, and estrogens. All this causes the heart to pound faster and the palms to sweat while giving pleasure. Love makes the brain aroused and there is an increase in the chemical secretion, which makes a person feel good towards another person.

Love makes you happy, hopeful, grateful, inspired. It can even change your life in a way you had not previously imagined. Love can make you feel invincible and can also give incredible inspiration. Love makes you romantic. It also eliminates your fears.

Love brings out the best version of yourself, something you may have never experienced before. Love makes you selfless and makes you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Love is a strong attachment and liking towards the other. Love is abstract. It cannot be seen but felt.

Love is when one gives themselves wholeheartedly to the other. Love draws two people closer to each other. Love is necessary in one's life. Life becomes spice less without love. Love makes one feel special and wanted. Love is the language of heart. Love overlooks flaws in the other person because they think that the person is perfect and amazing.

Love brings smile to the person being loved. When one is in love, they feel confident. When there is love, nothing seems to be impossible. Every moment becomes beautiful. Love is exchange of hearts between two people. Love is when the other person means the whole world for you.

Love makes a person do anything or everything for the other person out of attraction, attachment and liking. Love can be made strong with trust, understanding, respect for each other, no arguments, affection, care and support for each other. When one is in love, the world seems to be a beautiful place to live in. Love is most desirable feeling in today's world as it brings two people closer to each other. It is very necessary to give each other time so that love grows stronger with time. So love is so lovely and lovable that it can do things far beyond your imagination.
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June 29 ,2019
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