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Love Letters

Love Letters To Express Feelings By Writing Them On A Piece Of Paper With Hand Can Be Extremely Effective And Romantic

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A personal love letter or a note is a something written for someone usually a lover or would be lover to express feelings of love and affection for a person. A love letter is a considered to be a romantic way of expressing true feelings of love in written format. Love letters were mostly handwritten in the old times but they can also be typed in the modern world. Love letters can be delivered by hand, mail, courier, carrier pigeon, or even left in a secret place, and of course, they can be emailed in a jiffy these days.

Love letter can be anything from a simple short few words of love to a lengthy detailed explanation of one’s feelings. Love letter are often written to express love, but they can also be written to profess love, affection, devotion, disappointment, deceit, grief, and the like. In the old times, people usually used to exchange each other’s portal addresses as the only way of communication was through snail mail but these days it is transformed into email addresses and phone number. Whatever the mode of communication may be, the core concept of love letter still remains the same.

Writing lover letter were and always will be one of the most romantic ways to express feelings of love. In fact, the very act or writing a love letter triggers feelings of love that even the writer may not be previously aware of. Surely, with the instantaneity of the electronic age, the more traditional and nuanced art of the love letter may have been transformed significantly. Sometimes letters are preferable to live communication because one can write more freely without inhibitions.

So expressing love via writing may facilitate the feelings to be more freely and more openly expressed than being face to face. Moreover, expressing strong and true emotional feelings may be easier to a piece of paper or a computer screen than to the beloved. Perhaps any correspondence between two lovers can be considered to be love letter or note. The professing of love via letters may be made to an already stabled love or in the hope of establishing a new love relationship.

A personal love letter always carry the charm that often serves to emphasize or reemphasize the feelings expressed in the message. Communication and expressing each other’s feelings between two partners is very important. Love letters facilitates communicating feelings for each other by exchanging notes between lovers or potential lovers to express their profound love towards each other. Love letters are also decorated with hearts and artistic work and words to express love. Creativity and intelligence is important while drafting and designing a love letter.

The receiver of love letter sometimes reads the letter again and again and feels good to be special and loved by someone. Love letters also add spice to an already established steady relationship. These letters are usually saved in a secured place as memorabilia and kept as memories, whenever one misses the other they read these love letters to feel their presence. Love letter were, are, and always will be an important and integral part when it comes to expressing feeling of love and romance.
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June 29 ,2019
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