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Love Rectangle

Love Rectangle Is Formed When Four People Are Involved

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Love rectangle, also known as quadrangle, is a somewhat inane term to define a romantic relationship that involves four people. It is comparable to the typically three-sided love triangle. Oftentimes, this term is used for a serious romantic relationship between two people that is twisted by the romantic attentions of two other people. It may even involve just one person who is convoluted by the romantic attentions of three other people.

Usually this kind of set up is more often used for relationships with more people involved. At the least, both male counterparts generally have some current or past connection with both female characters. All or parts of these relationships may or may not be sexual as they could very well be just platonic. Love rectangle is a very complex situation and often creates jealousy and unhappiness in all relationships involved.

It would be advisable to accept the partner as it is with his or her past and move on. But many a times due to jealousy love relations between both the couples become bitter and there is a probability that everyone splits or one of the group splits. Love rectangle can be of two types. One, where the arrangement is unacceptable to one or more of the people involved. Other, where the arrangement is mutually agreed upon by all parties involved.

Love rectangles is more rare and is inclined to be somewhat more complex than love triangles. A love rectangle may also be a spin-off from the usual love triangle, involving a sub or side character. Love rectangles are popular themes in movies and television programs to make the story more convoluted. When more people are involved then the word love can be prefixed to other geometric polygons with the corresponding number of vertices or sides, to reflect romantic relationships involving more people, such as love pentagon or a love hexagon.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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