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Love Triangle

Love Triangle Is Formed When A Third Person Comes In Between Two People Who Are Supposedly In Love Hereby Creating Conflicts

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A love triangle, which is also called a romantic love triangle or just a romance triangle, is generally a romantic relationship that involves three people. It generally means that each of the three people has some sort of relationship to the other two, though it can also refer to two people independently romantically linked with the third one. A love triangle is a situation that involves three people, each of whom loves at least one of the others. When two people love each other and another person loves either one of them, there is a an obvious vicious love triangle because it's almost like one of them is an outsider in a group of two people.

Love triangle can form a web like structure due to many probabilities such as one loving two other people and the other loving someone else and so on. It is when one of the partners in a romantic or sexual relationship also loves someone else. Of course, for the obvious reasons, two individuals make up the bottom two points of a triangle and the third one takes the top point. It involves three people who are attracted to each other in a manner that each person is highly sought after by only one other, making it a love circle.

A love triangle is usually used in any romantic situation, where the complexity of the relationship is often illustrated by using a geometric triangle where the three people are connected by virtue of their love towards a common individual. Love triangles can be of two different types. A rivalrous triangle, where the lover is competing with a rival for the love of the beloved. And a split-object triangle, where a lover has split their romantic emotions between two love objects. In modern societies, love triangles are pretty common and most couple face this situation sometimes in the life of their romantic relationship.

Love triangles usually indicates a situation that is not desirable to one or more of the three people involved. At least one person usually ends up feeling betrayed at some point. In some cases, situation can get so bad that all three people split up and go away from each other. Love triangles fundamentally calls for instability or turmoil in relationships, with unrequited love and jealousy as common themes. In extreme rare cases, love triangles has the reputation of leading to murder or suicide committed by the victim, which is the actual or perceived rejected lover.
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June 29 ,2019

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