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Love Versus Crush

Main Differences Between Love And Crush

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Love and crush are part and parcel of the same emotion and they are almost inseparable, yet they mean two different emotions and sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between them.

Following are some of the main differences between love and crush:

Love is a feeling filled with genuine emotions and care for a person; whereas, a crush is more superficial in nature.

Love is a feeling that goes very deep and is very strong; whereas, a crush is a very shallow feeling that appears only on the surface.

Love is usually more permanent feelings; whereas, a crush is just a very temporary liking for a person where one gets carried away in matter of seconds.

Love usually doesn’t dissipate very easily; whereas, a crush usually goes away as fast as it sets in.

Love is strong attachment for the other person; whereas, a crush may not involve any attachment.

Love is usually more pure and goes far beyond any superficial attributes; whereas, a crush is usually due to good looks or any other physical attributes of a person.

Love is a beautiful feeling and can last forever; whereas, a crush is usually short lived and goes away very fast.

Love may be one sided or both sided; whereas, a crush is always one sided.

Love takes one to the higher level of relationship; whereas, a crush tend to end without any progression unless it transforms into something more meaningful.

Love is a meaningful emotion; whereas, a crush is nothing more than a secret admiration for the other.

Love cannot transform into a crush; whereas, a crush may transform into love.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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