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Love Vibrations

Love Vibrations To Feel The Vibes

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Love vibrations are energies which we feel in our heart when we are in love with someone. Love is a sensation or vibration of feelings and moods. When we feel love, our heart vibrates. When there is true love, we can feel the vibes. These love sensations and vibrations are automatic. Love vibrations are almost like an orchestra playing a symphony of perfectly composed notes of love.

When these vibrations are mutual, it acts like an adhesive that glues two people together. These sensations are so powerful that it's like a person being addicted by a drug called love. When these vibrations are so strong, they make us deaf and we lose our ability to see anything else except love. Love sensations are missing someone every moment. Love makes one feel special. It brings in self-confidence and love for oneself. Love sensations is thinking about someone all day. The feelings are very strong for each other. The greatest feeling is to be around someone who loves u, to be kissed and hugged and pampered.

Love changes the life of the people who are in love. When the happiness of the other means a lot to you than your own, you are in love. You have a fear of losing the person all the time. There is a sense of insecurity. Everything reminds of the person you love. It brings in lots of memories. There are lot of imaginations in the mind of the person we love.

The feeling of security and insecurity both come at the same time when a person is in love. The best feeling of being happy is when you have made someone else happy and that is called love. It's like feeling lucky and feeling special. The biggest feeling of love is missing someone all the time and not being able to sleep. True love is very rare but once you have found it, never let it go away. The best feeling in the world is when you love someone and that person reciprocates it back. Love sensations and vibrations can be felt by both partners.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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