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Loving Without Expectations

Loving Without Any Expectations Or Hope Is The Best Form Of Love Because It Eliminates How The Other Person Behaves Out Of The Equation

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Love is a feeling that feeds expectations. When you fall in love with someone wholeheartedly, it becomes inevitable to expect the same in return. This is where the problem starts. When we expect something we look for that something and when we don’t get it we get disappointment. The problem is that our expectations are often unrealistic. No one always deliver what we expect. Even we ourselves can’t deliver what we expect from ourselves, let alone what we expect from other. Living up to the expectations of anyone is an impossible task because there will be times when we will let ourselves and other down. Expectations leads to disappointments which in turn has its own ripple effect of infecting many other things. When we love without expectations, we instantly set ourselves and even others free. It is almost like a heavy weight has been lifted from our head. Loving without expectations means you are contend with yourself.

Nothing is perfect and love is no exception. In fact, love is full of flaws. We are full of flaws. So expecting perfection from a flawed system itself is irrational. Loving someone without expectations means loving yourself and your partner even when they let you down or even when they do something against your wishes. It means you are fine even your relationship is not going well. If your partner hurts you too much and wants to go away from you, its fine, let them go away without resentment. Remember, you have enough love stored in yourself, it’s okay to let go of the bonus love. You won’t be broke because your in-house production of love will never shut down. Being independent in love and not expecting doesn’t mean that you become totally oblivious to love, it just means that you are self-sufficient when it comes to love.

You should keep learning to love yourself more than anyone else. Of course, we all need that tender love and care from our partner. But there is a sense of freedom in letting go off the expectations associated with love. Love is not a commodity, it is a feeling. Love is not a service that you can buy or sell. It’s pointless to expect something from another person. Let the other person decide what they want to give to you. Stop controlling or even expecting love from them.

Moreover, when you give love to the other person without any expectations, that same love will come back to you in one way or another. So, if you expect love from others, if you want love from others, give them exactly what you want from them. You may not see it but the love you give will find its way back to you, it always does. If you want to be treated well, first treat the other person well. Love and respect can never be demanded, instead they are commanded by your actions and behavior.

To love without expectations, love yourself first. You don’t have to necessarily love yourself the most but you must love yourself before loving anyone else. Always remember, the whole world can betray you, but you will never betray yourself. So why not love someone that is guaranteed to love you back no matter what, that someone is you. The only thing that is in your control is the love you give, you can’t control other people’s love for you. If you don’t have a control over how your partner gives you love, expecting that same thing is counterintuitive.

Love is wonderful but expecting love is ugly. Be aware that you can’t maneuver other people’s feelings. You can either accept their love or reject them altogether, but you can’t expect them to love you the way you want them to. You can’t even negotiate or bargain love. You can only accept or reject, not expect.

Loving with expectations means we are giving love only because we want something in return and such love is selfish love. That need can be for loving us, validating us, or reassuring us of our self-worth. But you can do all these things for yourself, you don’t need others for that. If you can love yourself and assure yourself of what you are worth, suddenly the need for others to do that disappears.

Love without expectation is love without anticipation. Love is natural. It is divine. Love strikes lightening and is automatic. Nobody forces to demand love or give love. Love comes without expectations. If there are expectation then there is no love. Love is bigger than all other emotions. Like the wind, love is omnipresent. Love cannot be manipulated and it touches the soul.

Loving without expectations is true love. Love without expectation demands nothing in return. It just gives. There are no limits to this giving. It brings joy and happiness to a person. Loving without expectations is a blessing from God. Love without expectations begins in the heart. One has to place faith in themselves instead of the circumstances or situation to love without expectations.

Loving without expectations is also a lesson in learning to appreciate the love you get. Keep in mind, you can micro-manage how you operate, but you can’t dictate how others function. Think of your heart as a museum, enjoy all the good things that it is surrounded with it, and also celebrate if you have a visitor. Yes, we can open our door for others or shut it down but we can’t force anyone to enter or stay there forever. You are free to welcome others with open arms and shower your hospitality. Our life is like a local bus, on every stop some people get on and some get off, no one can be forced to stay in the bus. The only person who stay in the bus from the beginning to the end is the driver, which is you. At the end of the day, we all are alone and we must be happy with whatever we have in ourselves.
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June 29 ,2019

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