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Loving Yourself

Loving Your Own Self Comes Before Loving Anyone Else

We all want to be loved by everyone, especially our partner. We seek or want love so much from others that in the process we forget to love ourselves. When you begin to love yourself, you eliminate, or at least minimize, the need for love from an outside source. When you love yourself, you also are no longer to be alone because you will always have yourself which will never leave you even if you want it to. If you don’t have love or if your love leaves you, there is nothing to worry about because you already have an unlimited supply of love within yourself. Moreover, you won’t withdraw yourself from the world.

Loving yourself will also instill a unsurmountable level of confidence in yourself. Keep reminding yourself how much you love yourself by talking to yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. Go out to a movie alone or grab a bite in a local café. This in no way means that you should become a loner. The idea of loving yourself is to become independent and free from the burdens associated with love.

Loving yourself is important because if you can’t love yourself, then it’s unfair for you to want others to love you. Love is a feeling that starts from yourself. Let’s say you prepare a home-cooked meal for a dinner date with your partner. You taste what you made just to be sure everything is right. You then realize that there is too much salt in it and is barely edible. You should not expect your partner to like what you cooked. Likewise, if the love that you have in yourself sucks, you can’t expect other to like it wither. Or assume that you serve an empty plate with nothing in it, of course there is nothing in it to like. So if you have no love for yourself, you won’t be able to get loved either.

You should love yourself so much that you don’t need love from anyone else. So your love for yourself becomes profound, getting anymore love from someone else becomes a bonus instead of a necessity. Your love for yourself is sufficient. You now have your own production or factory of love. You don’t need to outsource love anymore. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Your happiness or well-being is not dependent of any external force. It may sound easier said than done and it may very well be, but it’s not impossible to reach that state of mind where your love for yourself is enough. It’s like having a ripe tropical mango, it is already so sweet, it doesn’t need any external sweetness or sugar.

Loving yourself means feeling secured with yourself. If you can learn to be secured with yourself, you will never feel insecure and you will never need security from someone else. If your house is well protected and has a good security system installed, chances are that you won’t look for outside sources to secure your house. Likewise, love yourself without expecting from others and you will automatically be protected by the best security system in the world.

It is true that we need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else or before anyone else can love us, but this phenomenon is slightly flawed because it is human nature that we all want to experience the true flavors of love and intimacy with someone special. Hence, loving yourself is the first step but that’s not where it ends of where it should end. Once you love yourself, you become far more ready to give and receive love. If you don’t love yourself, there is no love in yourself to give to anyone else and no one will be able to find love inside you. It’s almost like running after something that doesn’t even exist.

Loving ourselves and giving or getting love are two sides of the same coin. Love feeds on itself. Giving love makes us love ourselves more. Getting love also helps us love ourselves more. None of these components can function well in isolation. When we give and receive love, it creates a ripple effect and spreads love in every direction. It also opens our heart to be more receptive to love and we are able to reach the deeper levels of love which never seemed possible earlier.

So make sure you first love yourself and at the same time shower love to your partner and let their love enter your heart with open arms. If you can do that, you will not only yourself but you will also be able to experience the highest potential or level of love. It is very important and it is paramount for us to love ourselves, but it is equally important to let that love go in and out of hearts just like oxygen or else it may feel claustrophobic. So love yourself first and foremost because that’s where it all starts, but that’s not where it should end. Make full use of love and let it flow everywhere, it’s free and it won’t cost you a penny but will make your life wonderful which is priceless.
Date Posted/Updated On: 12/16/2018
Author: ispace1

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