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Lucky In Love

Lucky In Love Or Being Fortunate In Love Is One Of The Best Blessings In The World As It Is A Win Win Situation For Everyone

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Love is a highly volatile emotion that comes with its own risks and perils. Some people view love as a gamble where the stakes can very high. Just like every gamble, love too comes with uncertainties and worries. We just have to play the game of love without knowing the consequences. We have got to indulge in love to know what love is an if we are lucky in love.

The feeling of love is so great that every risk is worth it. Not knowing the outcome or not getting success with love should not prevent us from falling in love. It’s not possible to possess something without trying it. Most people are afraid to fall in love just because they think are unlucky or will be unlucky when it comes to love.

Since love is such a desirable feeling, some people end up in being superstitious. They follow some rituals and practices that are known to increase their luck with love. These all are just self-made fears with no practical bearing. It is best to let go of such silly things.

Lucky in love is a phrase that is very closely linked with finding love. It is also related with success with love. When we find true and sustainable love, we say we are lucky in love. When we don’t find love or our love doesn’t work out, we say we are unlucky in love.

So our being lucky or unlucky in love is directly correlated to our ability to finding love and our success with love itself. This is the wrong approach. Instead, keep trying until you succeed in love and in the process you would have made your heart and mind more apt for nurturing love when it does come with full force. History doesn’t always repeat itself, things can always turn out to be better than before.

Different people interpret being lucky in love somewhat differently. What they forget or ignore is the fact that love is a blessing. The more love we get, the more fortunate we are. It has a magical way to make our lives colorful and vibrant. When it is such a wonderful feeling, it’s rather silly to be skeptical about it. In fact, we should be more welcoming to love, no matter what happens later.

Love is a divine emotion and lucky are those people who are fortunate enough to experience it. Hence, if love ever knocks your door, embrace it with open arms and without any prejudice. Keep a positive approach towards love and be optimistic even if you feel otherwise. We have to be open to love and we have to believe in love if we want to be lucky in love. If you close your door for love, you will just be depriving yourself from feeling love.

Love has a lot to do with fate, it is said that matches are made in heaven and that there is someone for everyone. These are just beliefs with vary from person to person and from culture to culture. If you wish to know if you are lucky in love, there is only one way, which is to take a plunge and see where it leads you. You may find true love or in the worst case you would have at least felt the incredible out-of-the-world feeling of love. If you take it with that kind of positive attitude, you will always be lucky in love and come out as a winner in love, regardless of the outcome.
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June 29 ,2019

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