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Meaningless Love

Love Just For The Sake Of Loving

Meaningless love has no meaning, purpose, worth, or value. When love has no substance or significance, it becomes meaningless. It is hollow and empty. It almost has no existence whatsoever.

Meaning less exist more in certain cultures and societies where love is still seen as a taboo. In such circumstances, love becomes more pretentious without any real feelings. Couples usually stay in a relationship just for the sake of it. There is no physical or mental chemistry. They just stay together because of some moral obligation. They end und up compromising so much in love that their love itself loses its meaning.

People stay together in meaningless love relationship due to many reason. It could be because of the society or other family reasons. It could also be because they have kids and don’t want to abandon them from a joint parenthood. The reasons for meaningless love could be many, but they all lead to the same dead-end. It’s because of all these reasons, many relationships become almost meaningless and lackluster. One should either cross the road-blocks in their romance or exit such a lifeless relationship.

If you want to be in love, make sure your love for one another is full of purpose. You love should have a base as well as a direction so that you can head in the right direction and grow your love. Love becomes stale and stagnant when it loses its significance. So make sure your love is full of meaning and purpose so that you can nurture it and make it more exciting with each passing day.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/20/2019
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