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Once Romance Is Over

Once Romance Is Over Or After The Initial Attraction Is Over Then The Reality Sets In Every Romantic Relationship

Once Romance Is Over

Once Romance Is Over Or After The Initial Attraction Is Over Then The Reality Sets In Every Romantic Relationship

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Most romantic relationships start off with romantic love stage, which is filled with spontaneity, passion, infatuation, and even little bit of obsession. You both feel happy, contend, and complete. You feel like you are in haven. Everything feel just picture perfect. You dismiss even the biggest drawbacks of your lover. You feel the same blissful beauty as a flower that has fully bloomed. Your brain is filled with feel-good hormones that makes you oblivious to the world around you. You feel ecstatic and euphoric.

Then one fine day, reality knocks your door. The chemicals subside and you come more in tune with reality. This is the end of infatuation stage. This is the beginning of the real relationship stage.

Remember, romance goes beyond kissing and cuddling up. In fact, the definition of romance goes through a transformation. During the initial stages, romance is demonstrated by making love all night until the cows come back home. Later, in a matured relationship, the definition of romance undergoes a little change. This is when romance entails doing stuff together as a couple. Making breakfast together and having that in bed can be very romantic. Going out for a hike or a picnic could be incredibly romantic as well. Just making the other person feel special is romantic. Putting a smile on their face and doing the things they like can be romantic too. So keep the romance alive, but be aware that the definition of romance evolves as you evolve in a relationship.

After the initial romance fades out, the real bonding and living happily ever after part kicks in. You already know everything about each other. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But still accepting each other just the way they are is what will get you to the finish line.

So don’t confuse hot sex with long term romance. Romance goes far above and beyond sex. Doing things for each other and being there for each other is what creates an unbreakable bond. Growing individually as a person and growing in a relationship is what’s more important. The older the tree, the deeper its roots, the stronger it will be. So let your love grow so deep that it lasts forever.

Once the initial infatuation is over, it may end up in falling in real love or it may end up in calling it quits. So things can go either way. Once honeymoon is over, the infatuation wears off and the actual rationality kicks in. The initial infatuation shuts down the reasoning ability of a person at least temporarily.

It is possible to make your infatuation last for a very long time but it’s going to be darn hard to maintain the same intensity forever. Everyone should try to keep it alive for as long as they can. But at some point things will cool down a bit. All relationships break out of the honeymoon phase at some point and that’s okay. What’s important is to handle it sensibly. Many people these days break off once the honeymoon is over because they want that passion to last forever. So they hop into another relationship looking for the same fire. They keep hopping until they realize the real deal.

Romance is a special and essential element in any romantic relationship. It is like a spice that makes falling love exciting. Just imagine your recipe without spices. It would be so tasteless. Likewise, once romance is over, love becomes tasteless and spice less. Hence, it is very important to keep the flame of romance ignited. Remember once you cook something on high heat, you let it simmer for a while to let the real flavor come out. So it’s fine if you had a very hot romance initially, now just let is keep simmering in slow heat.
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June 29 ,2019

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