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Perfect Love

Perfect Love Is Flawless And Faultless

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We are human are trained to seek perfection in everything, but we often forget that there is nothing like perfect. Likewise, there is nothing like perfect or imperfect love. Some people are perfectionist and they see perfection in everything so much so that they want to see perfection in their love too. Sounds foolish but yes there are some people who seek perfection in love too.

Some people are very specific about everything they want in their partner. If one of them is a perfectionist and the other is not, then it leads to conflicts and fights and lots of disagreements. Perfect love looks for everything in perfection right from proposing to being together. They want perfect gifts for the perfect occasions. Perfect dress for the perfect events. Perfect timings of words and phrases and the list is endless.

The reality is that perfect love doesn’t exist. It may appear that two people are perfectly in love, but that’s not the case. Love is a sentiment that can be grown for ever and ever, it can never reach perfection because there will always be room to make it better. People who look for perfection in love or a perfect love partner ends up in solitude because they are looking for something that doesn’t exist. Another way to look at this is by thinking that perfect love as the one that is perfect for us and not necessarily the whole universe.

Love is a beautiful emotion but it full of flaws. It’s the flaws that make love more interesting. A perfect flawless and faultless love would be dull and boring as it would seem more like a robotic love. We humans are all imperfect and so is the love we feel or want from another person. So stop thinking about perfect love and think about what will make your love more pleasant and irresistible.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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