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Platonic Love

Platonic Or Friendly Love is Divine And Pure Without Any Sexual Expectations From Either Partner Who Are Just Friends Without Any Benefits

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When a relationship lacks overt or explicit as well as covert or implicit sexual behavior and still unveils strong or lasting emotional intimacy it may be referred to as platonic love. Historically speaking, a little over two thousand years ago, Plato first explained platonic love. Platonic love is a term named after Plato because he was the first one to define it. According to him, love is a desire to be feel happiness in life. When your life is filled with happiness, that’s what you experience is the feeling of love. Love is a continuous thirst for things that will satisfy and fulfil our desires. Human beings can be divided into two parts, their body and their soul, each of which is ruled by two kinds of love. The body longs for sexual and lusty desires. The soul longs for emotional and spiritual love. The bodily desires is more earthly, while the needs of the soul which goes beyond sexual desires is called platonic love.

The modern definition of platonic love is when two people are close but are not sexually intimate. In other words, platonic love is a type of true of love between two heterosexual friends which is devoid of sexual desires. We all have experienced platonic love in our lives when we get in close proximity of someone we admire of the opposite sex but don’t get sexually involved. This is what platonic love is.

There is a clear line of distinction between platonic love and romantic love. This line of divide is usually very vulnerable. We don’t realize when we cross the line of platonic love and enter romantic love. There are so many people who share platonic love with someone and they try to stay within the limits described by platonic love. This usually happens because of the restrictions imposed on us by our cultural values and society.

These days it’s deemed inappropriate to come close to someone of the same sex. Of course, the real sexual love should happen between the opposite sexes, but there is nothing wrong in showing affection to the someone of the same sex with a tight hug or even a friendly kiss. Today this is not acceptable and is a taboo. But this is not how it used to be a few hundred years ago when it was common to show platonic love affection towards the same sex. Our societies have given a new meaning to sexual orientation which never existed before.

A man and a woman can just be friends with platonic love. It may be hard to remain to cross the line but it is possible for them to just stay platonic. When you love and admire someone, you want to touch them and hold them to show your affection and there is nothing wrong with that. Things change when you hop over the fence and enter the other side. This is why many platonic friends becomes sex partners because they are confused about their feelings. We know that sexual intimacy with friends is not acceptable but sometimes our minds refuse to understand this. That’s why platonic love sometimes become hard to maintain.

It’s worth noting that when platonic love becomes physically intimate, it may be just be sexual love and not true love. You should realize that sexual love is also a kind of love that’s why it’s called sexual love. We have been made to believe that the only sacred form of love is romantic love but that’s not always true. Love originates from what we desire and work towards achieving it. In short, it’s important to realize what platonic love is and when you fall into sexual or romantic love, both of which is not openly acceptable to our society unless its monogamous.

Platonic love is one of the purest form of love if you stay within your boundaries. It is difficult for others to understand your platonic love, no matter how pure or sacred it may be. We live in a monogamous society which only understands and accepts only one type of love between a man and a woman. Platonic love is beautiful and you should be asked to let go of it just because some people thinks it’s inappropriate.

Platonic love is that love which is intimate, yet there is no sexual involvement in it. Two people share affectionate bonding which is more due to emotions and spiritual connection between them. When two people of opposite sex are very good friends and have great bonding for each other without any sexual involvement then that love is said to be platonic love. With absence of sexual involvement platonic love is quoted as innocent and pure love towards one another. With platonic love two people of opposite sex are emotionally and strongly bonded with each other and support each other at all good and bad times of life.

Platonic love can last if you set some limitations and restriction. We all experience feelings of platonic love towards our close friends. If you feel attracted to someone or something, it’s hard to stop yourself from following it. Platinic love should not interfere with your romantic love.

Platonic love is a whole lot simpler to experience when you are single. Things become complicated when you are in steady romantic relationship with someone and then feel platonic love towards your friends because it may give rise to jealousy, insecurity, affairs, and infidelity. All this may seem confusing to you but that’s what any kind of love is, confusing and vulnerable. Platonic love is divine and you should not deprive yourself from it but only if you truly understand what it is and know how to handle it.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 07/17/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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