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Player In Love

Players In Love Are The Ones Who Takes Love As A Game And As A Challenge To Win Without Any Good Intentions

Player In Love

Players In Love Are The Ones Who Takes Love As A Game And As A Challenge To Win Without Any Good Intentions

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If you are single and have been trying your luck in love, you are sure to come across a few players in your life. Players are not necessarily bad people but one must be wary of them. When the term player is used in the love or romantic way, it usually refers to guys. Though in the changing world, it’s not very uncommon to find some gals who are players too. In most cases players is used for men who are also called bad boys, playboys, or Casanovas. So unless you like inviting bad boys to come within harm way, it may be useful to learn a little bit more about them.

Players, as the term suggests, usually play with the emotions of other person to satisfy their own needs or ego. They are usually not serious about love or forming any kind of long term relationship. They are just on the lookout for fun and excitement. This is more common in younger men. Men who are players are not evil or devilish in nature. They just are not matured enough or confused about what they want.

Here is a secret for you, first hand from a guy. To be totally honest, there is always a player in every guy. Some admit it while others deny it, but it exist in every male. Men inherently and hormonally have a side to them which is playful when it comes to love and romance. Another secret is that most women admire guys who are players. They feel attracted and drawn towards men who are charming and scintillating. For some all this may come as a surprise and for some as a reassurance. It is always good to do little bit of a fact check before forming any kind of opinion.

Players have always existed since the beginning of our civilization and they are not going away anywhere. The important thing is to know how to deal with players, when to pursue with them and when to discard them. Players are not bad people and they usually transform into a non-player at some point. It has a lot to do with the stage of life that one is in. when the right time comes and when the right person comes across, some of the most professional players are known to bow down and fall in true everlasting love. So don’t run away from players, instead understand them and find if you see a right fit.

There are some major characteristics that define a player. One of the main quality of a player is their charming and captivating personality. They know exactly what to say and when. They know when you are mad or upset and how to cheer you up in seconds. They may appear to be innocent but they are highly experienced with love and romance. They are smooth operators. They know how to make you feel special and believe their each and every word. They know how to build your trust. The appear to the sweetest person in the world. They also seem to be cocky and overly confident. It is not hard them to make you plush and laugh out loud with their unparalleled sense of humor. They would do anything and everything to win your heart. It is easy for them to wrap you around their punky and control you. All these things are great qualities that every woman wants. This is the main reason most women fall for men who are players.

Okay now it’s time for the bad part, the not so pleasant side of players. Most players are not really interested in your life or your problems. They don’t care how you day went because they care less. They usually have multiple girls that they are connected with at the same time. They act differently in private than with their friends around. Most importantly, they are not looking for a commitment. They are primarily interested in physical looks and sexual activities rather than emotional or mental connection. They are players and take love itself as a game that they want to win. These are some of the negative traits of a player which makes them so much undesirable.

When you look at a player in totality with his good qualities and bad traits, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. It’s almost like a perfectly ripe sweet tropical mango with a bite of an insect on a side. If you know how to cut out the bad part, what you will be left with is the greatest guy in the world. But, it is easier said than done.

Most women end up in a heartbreak when they get involved with a player. That said, if you are able to transform a player into a regular guy, they make some of the best boyfriends and husbands. So the trick of the trade is to know how to deal with players to your advantage. It may be difficult but not impossible to write the next perfect love story with a player in love.
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June 29 ,2019

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