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Real Love

Real Or Pure Love Is Honest And Truthful

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Love itself is a very complex emotion, finding if it’s true is even more complicated. In fact, there is no sure-shot way to determine if what you are experiencing or if what you have in your relationship is true love or something else. We all want true or pure love but very few of us even know what it actually is. The definition of true love would differ from person to person, situation to situation. No two individuals are the same, no two relationships are the same, no two feelings of love are the same, no two romantic relationships are the same. If you want to know the meaning of true love, take a moment a think about what it means to you.

Defining true love would be similar to defining a rainbow. You just have to see it to know how beautiful it is. No words can do justice to express how each color is so vibrant. Each person would define it differently. Likewise, you have to experience love to know what it actually is. The main reason it’s hard to define love is because we feel or experience love from our heart and soul, not from our brain or mind. Definitions are defined from mind, feelings are felt from heart.

Real love is what is in our heart, soul, and spirit. The first step to experience real love is by opening your heart to love yourself. When you open your heart to love yourself, your heart gets filled with the love that is as ubiquitous or omnipresent as the air you breathe and the oxygen that pumps your heart. This is what true love is, the filling of the emptiness or hollowness within you that assures you that you are never alone. When we love ourselves, we become more welcoming to loving and getting loved without any selfish motives.

Real love in a romantic relationship is when two people open their hearts that is already filled with love. Their love grows many folds when their love overflows from their hearts for one another. Love is known to become bigger when it is shared. This is real love. It is a magical feeling that can only be felt by the two people and even they can’t express what it really is. Real and pure love is divine, it’s God.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/26/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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