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Relocating For Love

Relocating Or Transferring For Love Across Borders

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If you and your love live long distance, one of you has to relocate eventually to be together. Perhaps the two of you met online or on vacation. Possibly one of you had to move due to career or some other personal reasons. Either way, the fact is that now you both live in different cities, states, or even countries.

You hardly get to see your lover and long to be together. One of you is almost ready to take the plunge and relocate to be with your better half. It’s that time when the emotions are running high and the desperation to be together is increasing. Having said that, one must think though all aspects before taking the huge step of relocating for love as it can or may have dire consequences later in life.

So keep a clear mind and don’t get bogged down with emotions. Try to be more practical and plan everything. Relocating for love is moving or settling from one place to another for the sake of love. Often times it happens when one has to relocate for the sake of love due to geographical constraints or due to some personal constraints. It is necessary to think from all angles before such relocation.

Love is an intense emotion. It makes one do anything and everything for the other. Relocating is a tough decision as one has to leave everything behind and start a new life at a new place. Relocating for the sake of love should be done only if it's worth it.

Relocating for the one who does not care and love back would be a wrong decision and end up in disaster. Relocation is not an easy task. When one thinks of relocating, they must think about everything. Be it career or social or family life.

Other things such as suitability of weather, living conditions, new neighborhood, etc., must also be well thought of. Before relocation both parties must to sit and decide on their future. One has to trust the other before taking such decision. Love is a blissful feeling and one always wants to be with their love forever.

Since both are far away from each other, relocating by one becomes necessary. It would be pointless to move if the relationship has no future. The most ideal way to think of relocating for love would be to take the worst case scenario. You should ask yourself if you wouldn’t mind relocating to that new place if love was not the reason for relocation. If you would move to that new place if there was no loved one in that place. If the answer is yes, then you should relocate. Even if your relationship falls apart, you wouldn’t think that you relocated just for love and be disappointed that it didn’t work out.

So moving to any new place and leave everything behind for your love needs some very careful thinking and considering every aspect. At the end, listen to your inner voice. If your heart says yes and if your mind also is in agreement, then take the risk if you think your love and relationship with that person is worth the effort. Love should never be bound, and distance should not come in between love for the right one.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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