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Rising In Love

Rising Or Escalating Instead Of Falling Or Sinking In Love

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It is an age old saying that two people fall in love. But this ancient phrase needs some restructuring. Mature people should not fall in love. Grown up people never falls for anything.

Falling for anything is not good. Falling in love is like stumbling in love. It’s like falling down on the floor in love. So the two people who were once standing on their own two feet and then suddenly fall on their knees in love. It’s like they become spineless without a backbone. They lose the ability to stand alone. They become codependent.

Nobody like falls, whether it be career, life, or even love. Still falling in love has always been looked upon with a positive connotation. So all these things are not healthy. It is better to stand alone than to fall for someone.

When you give love without any expectations and when you give love from your heart, you then rise in love instead of falling in love. You then rise to a higher elevation in love which was not earlier possible. Instead of being codependent you choose to be co-independent in love with each other. When you give this kind of love, you won’t need to be thankful instead you have to be just accepting of each other’s love.

When two mature people are in love, it’s the best thing that can happen to them. They are in love with each other, yet they don’t lose their individuality. They are together, yet alone. They are so much with each other that they become one. But their unity does not end their individuality, in fact it only makes it stronger. They are totally in love and still enjoy their freedom. Such kind of love lasts longer. There is no space for controlling or dominating the other.

Love in its best form is not falling but its rising. The best relation is giving selflessly without any expectation. Such giving makes a soul rise to the higher level. The souls speak the language of love.

Love is the purest form of emotion. It is a connection between two hearts and two souls. These two souls rise above their actual level when they are in love. They care and support each other.

After all, when in love, it is all about giving, not taking. Falling destroys whatever or whoever fell. But rising freely is always beautiful. Hence, one should rise in love with each passing moment.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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