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Risky Love

Love Is Like A Gamble And It Can Be Risky

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Love is a risky game. Love is a gamble. After all, giving your heart to someone can be a risky ordeal. You never knew if that person will keep your heart safe. You also don’t know if you will get the other person’s heart in return.

Risky love is that love when one or both the parties are at risk by falling in love with each other, which means they are not sure what their love will lead to but still they take a chance. Of course everything in life risky and there are no guarantees. And it is fine to take a risk in love as long as it is a calculated risk. Risk in love can be one sided or both sided.

Risk in love can range from personal to financial to family and so on. Sometime two people know that their families are not in good terms with each other and they won't accept their romantic relation but still they take a risk in love and go ahead with a strong bonding. Risk in love has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's like a testing love which may or may not hit the target. Risk in love can also be financial, where two people are not financially sound and are not sure whether they would be able to either commit or start a family. But love is such a thing that taking such risk is worth it.

Risk in love is like we cannot hold it nor we can let it go. Risk in love is that love where moving on seems to be apprehensive. Risk in love is when both partners gather courage to take their love to full potential. The name love itself is risky. Whoever falls in love is at the risk of getting pain because not all love stories have a happy ending. The underlying question is whether the love will prevail or get bogged down by other internal or external forces.

Great love involves great risk. Love involves sacrifices, so it’s obvious that it involves risk too. So love is always uncertain and is very risky. People are open to being hurt because they cannot imagine their life without love as being in love is worth it. Some people like challenges and these challenges attract them.

It is sometimes risky to fall in love. One has to consider breaking of trust but when the right person comes in to your life there are no second thoughts. Sometimes marrying someone who is not right for you simply because you love them can be a big risk. Love gives a person a crazy kind of courage to take all risk. After all it is rightly said, life is tasteless without any risks.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/27/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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