Romantic Love Notes For Him And Her

100 Romantic Love Notes For Him And Her To Say Or Send To Your Passionate Lover Or Romantic Partner

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Following is the full list of hundred top most romantic love notes for him and her to say or send to your passionate lover or romantic partner:

# Whenever I feel sad or depressed, you are the only one who can make me feel better with your love.

# Our love story is the most magnificent saga in the entire world.

# You are my reason and passion for living, or else I would be dead by now.

# If there is such a thing as an afterlife, I’ll be there to love you even there.

# Loving you feels like an act of nature, and it is so effortless.

# I want to live my life with you now, always and forever.

# I promise you that I will never let go of you regardless of whatever happens tomorrow.

# Sometimes I feel scared of loving you so much because I can’t stand the thought of ever losing you.

# I am waiting for the day on which we will immortalize our love for each other.

# You are the only light that I can see at the end of the tunnel.

# I would like to spend a day with you by my side instead of a lifetime without you.

# Your happiness is the most essential thing in the world for me, and I would do just about anything to put a smile on your face.

# I don’t need a special occasion to tell you how much I love you because I love you every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

# I hope that you are the first face I see when I wake up every morning for the rest of my life.

# I want to cuddle up with you without saying a word, and enjoy that eternal silence.

# I never knowingly chose to love you, it was more like an act of nature because not loving you was never an option.

# Talking to you is my favorite thing to do with my mouth when I’m around you, but only when I am not kissing you.

# I was so lost before you entered my life, but eventually, I found myself on the journey of finding you.

# Every single moment that I spend with you makes me feel like it’s heaven on earth.

# I wouldn’t change anything in our life because it is almost like a fairytale from a book.

# If I were to write a book on how much I love you, I could write volumes and still not get started.

# I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about you, you are the best just the way you are.

# Whenever I see you, some of my worst days turn into one of my best days.

# I will love you till the end of time, and my love for you will still be as fresh as it was on the first day we met.

# Absolutely nothing and nobody can ever make me stop loving you.

# I always knew we are meant to be together forever the moment I looked at you.

# I was born to be yours, and you were born to be mine until death do us apart.

# I love you without any reason or question because I love you just for who you are.

# You shine much brighter than all the stars combined in the sky.

# I just want to have you by my side all my life, and that is not asking much from life.

# You are my best friend, my family, my soul mate, you are all I’ve got, and I don’t ever want to lose you.

# When my heart is broken, you are the only one in the world who can put it back together.

# Your love has awakened my soul, your affection has taught me how to live life.

# I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have you as a big part of my life.

# I love you for the person you are and for the person that you have made me become, I love the way you have changed my life.

# I love each and every part of you with each and every part of my heart and soul.

# I would move all the mountains, and I would swim all the oceans in the world just to be with you.

# Having you in my life is one of the best things that happened to me.

# I could never imagine a few years ago that I was capable of loving someone so much the way I love you.

# I never really knew what love meant until the moment I met you, love never seemed so wonderful.

# I can never ever imagine living my life without you or your love by my side.

# I fall in love with you all over again whenever I see you.

# You made reality look much better than all of my best dreams combined.

# I never believed in soulmates or better half until the time I met you.

# Meeting you was one of the best things that have ever happened to me, I don’t know what I would do if you were not in my life.

# Even when we spend the entire day together, I still miss you the moment you walk out of the door.

# You made me believe there is such a thing as eternal love, and I can never thank you enough for that.

# You complete me by filling all the holes in my heart and soul.

# When you are with me, the impossible becomes possible.

# As long as I have you by my side, I feel like I can do anything in the world.

# One of my biggest fears is having to spend my life without you in it.

# You bring color into my life and passion into my world.

# Our love story is one of the most beautiful real-life fairytales in the entire world.

# I always carry you in my heart even when you are with me, it feels like you are the only reason my heart beats.

# You are very special and entirely unique, no one else can ever take your place.

# You are the first and the last thing that crosses my heart each and every day.

# Taking risks and going through all hurdles in life are worth it as long as I have you in my life.

# When there is a will there is also a way, I have all the intention to go through all the way with you.

# My devotion to you is pure, and my loyalty to you is pious.

# Our love will be alive until the end of time because that is what true and undying love is all about.

# I never believed in winning a lottery until I won you for the rest of my life.

# When I say I love you, I just don’t say it, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

# I will always stand by you under any situation and under any kind of storm because you mean the world to me.

# I will keep you and your love intact with me forever because that is precisely what you deserve my love.

# I deliberately choose to stay and stand with you forever with all your faults because that is how much I love you, my dear.

# Most relationships fall apart over the course of life, but we will last forever and ever because what we have between us is truly unique.

# I can see the future so bright even when things are not going so great, it is only because you are with me.

# I am not sure what I did to deserve your love, but I plead for forgiveness if there is anything I did to make you upset.

# I know you may not have fully understood my love for you, but I am sure that one day you will.

# The breeze might choose to cease, and the sun might cease to shine, but I will still love you till eternity.

# When things are not going so good, and when everything seems to be falling apart, you are the only one who gives me strength.

# My love for you can’t be expressed in words because it is far greater than my vocabulary, and there are no words to express my feelings truly.

# I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if it weren’t for you, thank you, my love, for your unwavering love.

# Your words are like music to my ears, and your love is all I want in life, I hope that I am not asking for too much.

# Your love is brighter than the sunshine, and your presence is more than divine because that is how wonderful you are.

# When you are with me, it feels like heaven on earth, but when you are away, I feel like I am in hell.

# Just like a fine wine without any alcohol would be useless, my life without you would be completely empty.

# My heartbeats reach their peak whenever I see you or think about you when you are away from me.

# I am not just giving you a part of me, instead, I want to provide you with all of me because that is what you truly deserve.

# Just like a tree without leaves is useless, my life without you is not worth living.

# As the lions rule the wild, you reign and rule in my heart like a king because you are my everything.

# I see you and me like two inseparable souls, no matter how far apart we go from one another we will always find our way to each other.

# I once wanted to go travel all over the world, but ever since you came into my life, you have become my world.

# As a plant without sunshine or water would wither in no time, I too would not be able to live without you because you are the source of my life.

# As breathing is essential to life, and you are essential to my being.

# Love is beautiful, love is wonderful, love is blissful, love is graceful, and your love towards me is simply glorious.

# If I were to go back and do this all over again, my heart would always choose you over a million others.

# I waited for love all my life, and as they say, love has mysterious to find you, and that is precisely what happened with us.

# If I were given a lifetime to express how lucky I am to have you in my life, it still wouldn’t be enough.

# As long as my heart beats, it will beat for you and only you because I still skip a heartbeat even when you sneeze.

# I have waited for true love all my life, and it is satisfying to know that the wait for totally worth it.

# There are no words to express my love for you, all you have to do is just look into my eyes, and you will know what you mean to me.

# If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t be even half the person that I am today as it is all because I have you.

# You gave meaning to my life when I was lost and didn’t know which direction to go.

# Living my life without you would be like having a bottle of wine without any alcohol in it.

# What I am today is all because I have you, otherwise, I would be a complete zero in everything.

# Life without you would be as incomplete as the ocean would be without any water in it.

# Let kissing be the language of love, let’s talk all night.

# I want to just sit and keep staring at you because you look so hot.

# Life would never be so beautiful if I didn’t have you in my life.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most romantic love notes for him and her to say or send to your passionate lover or romantic partner:
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November 11 ,2022
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