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Romantic Whacky Weird Questions

100 Romantic Whacky Weird Questions To Lovingly Ask Or Pose To Your Passionate Lover Or Romantic Partner

Romantic Whacky Weird Questions

100 Romantic Whacky Weird Questions To Lovingly Ask Or Pose To Your Passionate Lover Or Romantic Partner

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Following is the full list of hundred top most romantic whacky weird questions to lovingly ask or pose to your passionate lover or romantic partner:

# Are you delighted that you decided to meet me today?

# If we were stranded on an island, would you want to stay stuck or get out of there?

# If you could invite any five people to your next party, who all would you pick and why?

# When you were growing up, what did you want to accomplish in life and have you succeeded?

# What was the last dream you had about the opposite gender?

# If you could star in a movie, who would you want to play opposite you?

# How old were you when you got your first kiss and did you enjoy it?

# Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

# What is one mistake that you would like to make over and over again?

# Who was your first crush and how did it turn out?

# What would you do if you knew today was your last day alive?

# What is your guilty pleasure song or a movie?

# Have you ever been in a situation that started off awfully but turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

# If you could go back in time where exactly would you go?

# What is the silliest movie you have seen in a theater where you had to get out before the movie ended?

# If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose and why?

# How many days can you live without your phone?

# If you could be a drink, which would you be and why?

# If you could have any talent, which one would you have and why?

# Would you ever sleep all day and be awake all night?

# Where would you go on your next vacation and with whom?

# What is your biggest fear in life or what are you most afraid of?

# If you had no fears in life, what would be the first thing you would like to try?

# What’s one thing you absolutely cannot live life without?

# Does your family have any weird traditions that I must be aware of?

# If you were a pet, which one would you be and why?

# What’s one thing you do every day that is very impressive?

# What’s one thing you do that you are most embarrassed about?

# If you were a fruit, which fruit would you like to be?

# Have you ever cheated while playing board games?

# If you spot a scary-looking spider on a wall, what would you do?

# If you see a really creepy looking roach a few inches away from you on the floor, how would you react?

# How long can you go without watching any television?

# If you had a twin sibling, would you want to have one of your same gender or the opposite one?

# How many packets of chilly flakes do you grab with a carry-out pizza?

# How many shots of alcohol can you have without getting drunk?

# What’s the last dangerous but funny prank you pulled on a friend?

# What’s the craziest thing someone’s caught you doing?

# What’s your favorite thing to do when you are alone and no one’s looking at you?

# What’s the weirdest trick that’s ever been pulled on you?

# Would you prefer to have an ice cream scoop in a cup or a cone?

# Is there any food that you simply can’t resist?

# If you come to know that I am an alien, how exactly would you react?

# If you knew that I just robbed a bank, would you leave or still stay?

# What’s the craziest thing that you’ve ever done?

# If you were free to purge one person without getting punished, would you?

# If you knew you were going to die today, what would you do?

# If you knew you were going to die and had moments left, who would you call?

# Do you think you love your pets as much as you love your other family members?

# Have you ever ghosted someone and how did it go?

# Do you think you would be able to resist not checking your messages for the rest of the evening?

# Have you ever stared at your ceiling before going to sleep?

# How would you react if I just start crying and screaming out loud right now?

# If I tell you that we were a lover in our past lives, would you believe me?

# If you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do all day?

# How long did it take you to start enjoying life as a young adult?

# What is the whackiest situation or event you have ever witnessed with your own eyes?

# If you could have any superpower, which one would you want to have?

# If you had the option to trade your life with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

# Which would be harder for you to give up, romance or watching television?

# What is one of the weirdest things you have ever done in life till now?

# What’s something that comes automatically to you than it does to most other people?

# What is one piece of advice you often give to others but find yourself hard to follow?

# What’s one thing that many people fear but doesn’t scare you at all?

# If you had just one hour left to live, what exactly would you do right now?

# If you could meet someone who’s not alive, who would it be and why?

# If you could go out with a celebrity, who would you pick and why?

# Have you ever laughed so hard that literally, you peed your pants?

# What’s one thing you would never want your mother to know about you?

# What do you think really happens to human beings after we die?

# Would you choose to live forever or die right now?

# If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

# If you all of a sudden find out that you are gifted with a superpower, then how would you react?

# Is there any specific place that you often dream of, but you still do not know where that place is located?

# Is there any food or drink that you love to have, but it makes you feel like a vampire?

# Have you ever had any dish that looked weird, but you ended up liking it a lot?

# Do you have any idea about what exactly you were doing last year on today’s date?

# Have you ever met any person in the most weird situation, but later became best friends?

# Is there any particularly expensive thing you buy every month even though you don’t really need it?

# Do you remember the very first thing you learned after you were born and came into this world?

# If you have all the money in the world, would you still look for a job?

# If you found a briefcase filled with money on your front door, what would you do with it?

# Are you phobic to anything that can have an adverse effect on your life?

# On which day of a week or month do you feel the happiest or saddest?

# If you come to know that you are never going to wake up, would you still go to sleep?

# What show would be the funniest if the actors had to be drunk while acting?

# What’s the most weird thing you have ever done to someone because you were bored?

# Have you ever broken bones of someone who tried to be funny with you?

# If you could live the life of the opposite gender for a day, what exactly would you do?

# If you were to live in the same outfit for the rest of your life, which outfit would you pick?

# Would you transport yourself into the future, knowing that you won’t be able to return?

# Would you be willing to kill an innocent person if it would end a dangerous epidemic from the world?

# If you were to get a free punch to someone’s face, who would you pick?

# Which horror movie have you seen that still wakes you up in the middle of the night?

# What is one thing you enjoy doing, but almost everyone else finds it silly?

# If you were about to be executed tomorrow, how would you spend today?

# If you come to know that you were the direct descendant of a royal family, would you go claim your throne or live your life as usual?

# If someone you know has a visible self-destructive behavior but is unaware of it, would you try to change them?

# Are there things that you know are not good, but you still end up doing them because you are so addicted to them?

# If you were handed a bag which could be full of cash or something lethal, would you still open it?

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most romantic whacky weird questions to lovingly ask or pose to your passionate lover or romantic partner:
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June 29 ,2019

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