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Second Love

Second Love Is More Likely To Last Longer As It Is More Matured Because Things Tend To Get Better With Experience

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First love is overrated by most of us. People make such a big deal about the first love and first meeting that they lose sight of second or any subsequent romantic opportunities which may in fact be even more powerful than the first one. Our first love is our first experience with love. First loves usually ends in a heartbreak because we are so naive and innocent when love first struck our chords. We really didn’t know even the meaning of love when we experience for the first time. This is why most of us screws up with our first love.

After our first love ends, most of us feel heartbroken and insecure. We tend to lose our belief and faith in love for at least some time. The reality is farther from what you may feel at that time. The truth is that our first love makes our hearts love-ready for second love. When we are given a second chance at something, we end up performing better than the first time around. Second love is that love when you fall in love for the second time.

Our second love reignites our hopes in love. We once again feel good about love and our life in general. Just when we had lost all hopes in love, second love enters our life and gives us the chance to love and be loved once again. We know how painful our first love was and how much we regret making all those silly mistakes. Now that we have a second chance with love, our are going to be more cautious and be better at sustaining it.

Most second loves come without any advance notice. It usually comes when we least expect it. The important this is that if love does knock on your door for the second time, make sure to welcome it with open arms. All loves are different, so no two loves can be same.

Stop comparing you second love with the first one. Give it the benefit of doubt and give it a chance before discarding it. If you can do it, you would have won half the battle. You may be surprised that your second love may fill your life with happiness and joy, unlike your first love which only left you with a broken heart.

First love for most of us is often immature. We really don't know what exactly love is. However, with second love you become more experienced and realize what exactly love is. Second love is a second chance in love.

With experience comes wisdom and ability to do better each time. First love is more juvenile and second love is more matured, experienced, and seasoned. Second love is falling in love once again when one is totally hopeless that love will come again in their life. It gives hopes and optimism in love once again.

Our second love gives us a reason to keep believing in love. It also shows us another dimension of love which we could never see earlier. Love is not about having a partner. Instead, it’s all about having those wonderful feelings of love. Even if your second love doesn’t work, it shouldn’t stop you from loving again. It’s not being in love that makes your heart beat, it’s love itself that keeps you heart beating forever.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 07/23/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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