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Sexual Love

Sexual Love Is Sensual And Erotic

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Sexual love is purely sexual, as the term suggests. It is a strong and deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction. Sexual love is love which arises out of sexual craving and to be intimate with each other. It may also include emotions and other love feelings but they don’t have to.

Sexual love is when sexual feelings occupy the major space in one's heart and all other emotions and feeling either don’t even exit or if they do then they take a backseat. It’s when sexual passion as its peak between two people and sexual connection is stronger than any other emotions such as bonding and attachment. Sexual love is purely physical in nature, although it may or may not involve real feelings of love. Such kind of love dies out as soon as the passion is gone because passion is the main foundation of sexual love. It feels extremely good but it has a short life.

Sexual Love is that love when two people are bonded by feelings of lust and sex. Their association is limited to sexual connection. They can also be considered as sexual partners. Such love is more physical in nature then mental and emotional. It is the sexual and physical union with the lover.

In sexual love, attachment and affection is based on sexual activities. In many couples sexual desire fade away after few years and the spice of the relationship dies. In such cases arousing of sexual desire becomes necessary to strengthen their relationship. Love between partners is not just mental connection, it includes sexual activities as well and keeping such activities alive is necessary. Of course, if sexual love is one small part of the whole package, then that’s the best combination. Sexual love makes the overall love stronger because it is a main part of any relationship.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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